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Industrial Forklifts by Kalmar

Ring Power Lift Trucks offers a full line of Kalmar big forklifts in Florida. Kalmar pneumatic tire industrial forklifts has lift capacities from 5-55 tons. Kalmars are designed and built for tough demands down to the finest detail, and all have standard or specialized forks of various dimensions, fork carriage with fork spread and side shifting as standard features. They offer a high level of reliability and a long life span.

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Reach Stackers & Container Handlers
from Kalmar

Kalmar reach stackers are aimed at small and medium sized container operations. Able to stack containers up to 5 high and a capacity of 49.6 tons, Kalmar reach stackers and container handlers carry containers and trailers as well as provide effective handling solutions in industrial environments.

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Kalmar industrial forklifts, container handlers and reach stackers for sale throughout our Florida locations:

Kalmar large forklift

Kalmar Large Pneumatic Tire Forklifts

Forks 48" - 96" Duplex Mast, Many features
11,000 - 110,000 lbs. Capacity @ 24" LC

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Kalmar Container Handlers

Kalmar Container Handlers
& Reach Stackers

Duplex and Triplex mast,Many features, Empty, Full, Reach Stacker
14,000 - 110,000 lbs

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