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Buy new replacement forks for Class 2 and 3 forklifts at any of our Florida offices

Have You Checked Your Forks Lately?
Forklift forks are essential components that are often neglected. Worn forks compromise the lifting ability of your forklift, reducing efficiency and safety.

If your forks are showing signs of wear and distortion it's probably time for a new pair.

Advanced Fork Production Process
• Innovative and highly automated production process.
• Prime quality steel provides good welding characteristics and strong resistance to wear.
• Automated welding of upper and lower hooks with a robotic system, providing better quality, repeatability and higher process speed.
• Complete heat treatment with hardening and tempering on the entire fork, offering the best quality and reliability characteristics.

Common Class 2 Replacement Forks

Part No. Fork Size (inches) Price (US Dollars)
0972341 1.5 x 4 x 42 $221.82 each fork
0972343 1.5 x 4 x 48 $232.96 each fork
0972344 1.75 x 4 x 42 $231.85 each fork
0972345 1.75 x 4 x 48 $253.02 each fork

Common Class 3 Replacement Forks

Part No. Fork Size (inches) Price (US Dollars)
0972346 1.75 x 5 x 42 $309.87 each fork
0972347 1.75 x 5 x 48 $339.97 each fork


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