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Reliable LP Gas Forklift rentals in Florida

Long-Term and Short-Term LP Gas Forklift Rentals

Ring Power Lift Trucks of Florida has you covered with LP gas forklifts when you need a forklift. These are some of the most versatile forklifts on the market, with the ability to operate indoors and outdoors on almost any surface. There are advantages to every type of forklift, including diesel and electric forklifts. So, it can be a challenge to find the optimal forklift for your facility. We have rental representatives that can help walk you through the best way to choose a forklift for you and your facility. However, LP gas forklifts are multifunctional, making them an excellent fit for nearly any job.

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What Is an LP Gas Forklift?

The LP gas forklifts that we rent at Ring Power Lift Trucks are among the most commonly used forklifts on the market. LP stands for “Liquified Petroleum,” which is just another name for propane. Forklift propane gas is regularly used to power vehicles and machinery because it is a clean-burning fuel source that produces consistent power throughout the entire workday. To refuel a propane forklift, you simply replace the tank, typically located just behind the cab. There are many reasons that our customers and clients prefer LP gas forklift rentals.

Benefits of Propane Forklifts

Facilities choose Ring Power Lift Trucks’ LP gas forklifts because they hit the sweet spot on many important factors like size, maneuverability, and power output. LP gas forklifts are often smaller and more maneuverable than diesel forklifts but also more powerful and consistent than electric forklifts. A propane tank will typically last an entire shift of constant use, and sometimes it will last longer. Propane is also cleaner than diesel fuel. Some diesel forklifts need special filtration systems for indoor use, while propane is safe for indoor and outdoor use on any terrain. Electric forklifts are often not able to be used outdoors to the same extent as LP gas forklifts.

Types of LP Gas Forklift Rentals

Not every LP gas forklift that we rent at Ring Power Lift Trucks works the same. A few different manufacturers make a few different types. We know that each facility needs to handle materials in a specific way and specific environments, so we carry a wide range of LP gas forklift rentals to suit every facility. The types of forklifts we carry are:

  • LP Gas Standard Pneumatic
  • LP Gas Large Standard Pneumatic
  • LP Gas Solid Pneumatic
  • LP Gas Large Solid Pneumatic
  • LP Gas Cushion Tire Forklifts

On-Site Repairs and Other Forklift Rental Services

Ring Power Lift Trucks’ forklift rental services for LP gas forklifts will take care of you and the vehicle no matter how short or long your rental term is. We have some of the best forklift mechanics and technicians in the field. With 59 field service vehicles constantly circulating throughout the state, there is almost always a technician nearby. We make service calls directly to you, so you don’t have to wait for repairs any longer than necessary. While all our forklift truck rentals are well maintained before we deliver them to you, you can rest assured that we can address any repairs or maintenance that come up during the term of your rental.

Why Choose Us for Your Forklift Equipment Rentals

With over 55 years in business, Ring Power Lift Trucks is the industry's go-to supplier for LP gas forklifts. We understand the vehicles that we rent better than nearly anybody else, but we also understand the needs of facilities that regularly use forklifts as well. We know that finding the right forklift can make a serious impact on your team’s productivity and efficiency. So, we are determined to help you find the right forklift for your business and make sure that you and your team can implement it into your daily workflow.

Florida’s Favorite LP Gas Forklift Provider

In the past, Ring Power Lift Trucks has seen that certain forklifts are challenging to obtain in some regions of Florida. So, we have expanded to provide forklifts for nearly the entire state. We provide LP gas forklifts to the following areas:

Other Types of Forklift Truck Rentals

While we believe that LP gas forklifts are some of the best forklifts on the market, they are not always suitable for you and your facility. Some jobs and some environments require other types of forklifts, so we carry them all. In addition to propane forklifts, we also rent electric and diesel forklifts. This way, we can supply you with whatever forklift you need for any occasion.

Get in Touch with an LP Gas Forklift Rental Representative

At this point, you might be wondering how to get started with your forklift equipment rental. We make renting an LP gas forklift an easy and straightforward process. To get started, all you need to do is call us and request a quote or fill out our LP gas forklift rental form here.

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