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Reallocate your resources where you need them most and effectively tackle the most redundant forklift operator tasks with Jungheinrich's Automated Guided Vehicle Systems solutions. Highly adaptable to your tasks and environment, Jungheinrich Automated Guided Vehicles rely on more than 10 years of automation experience and 60+ years of electric lift truck design and expertise, to deliver reliable transportation with precise navigation.


Based on our standard series of production trucks, Jungheinrich's automated tow tractor and automated vertical order picker combine proven mechanical engineering with precise navigation technology. Jungheinrich AGVs also facilitate a smooth connection to any host system, such as your preferred Warehouse Management System (WMS) or ERP platform, allowing for an easier and seamless integration into your existing workflow.


Let our experts help guide you through our tried-and-tested integration process to ensure a seamless and successful process based on your unique business needs.

Contact Ring Power Lift Trucks to learn more. Watch the video below to see a semi-automatic system in action at a customer's facility.


Reimagine Your Warehouse—

Jungheinrich® Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) can effectively tackle your routine material handling tasks. Programmed to operate around the clock, our AGVs are addressing today's intralogistics challenges, while making it possible to reallocate labor and resources where you need them most.

Rethink Labor

Industry experts expect that millions of jobs will go unfilled due to a shortage of skilled workers. Programmed to constantly optimize travel routes, Jungheinrich AGVs can save time, money and allow you to repurpose your talent for greater productivity to provide the confidence you need in your Warehouse while securing your success in the future.

Refine Process

Internal transportation processes are unique to every environment - including yours. Jungheinrich specialists will work with you to provide an automated guided vehicle system (AGVS) solution customized to your warehouse needs, helping to speed-up process times, reduce damages in transit and increase safety.

Redefine Efficiency

We provide scalable AGVS solutions to tackle the challenges of today and to plan for the future. Designed and manufactured in-house, Jungheinrich AGVS and semi-automated technologies present ideal, flexible solutions.

Flexibility for Implementation

Are you worried that automatic guided vehicle systems can't be integrated into your warehouse? We created three solutions to fit your operational needs.

  • Stand-Alone System
  • Stand-Alone "Plus" System
  • Connected System

Jungheinrich AGV — Spec Sheets

EKS 215a (spec sheet PDF)

High-Level Stacker with versatility, suitable for nondrive-under loading aids and stations.

EZS 350a NA (spec sheet PDF)

Tow Tractor with robust towing truck, suitable for towing multiple trailers and has compact dimensions for use in narrow aisles.


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