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For over 60 years, Ring Power Lift Trucks has been a cornerstone in North and Central Florida’s commercial landscape, providing world-class material handling equipment to businesses at every scale. With 19 locally owned and operated locations statewide, we specialize in delivering robust freight moving solutions, including an impressive range of truck-mounted forklifts from leading industry names like Princeton Piggybacks. Our expert team is on hand to help you find the right equipment, ensuring you invest in superior quality products that align seamlessly with your operational needs.

What Exactly Are Truck-Mounted Forklifts?

Unlike traditional forklifts, truck-mounted forklifts attach directly to the rear of a truck or trailer, allowing for greater efficiency in material handling operations. These specialized forklifts can be quickly and easily dismounted to load or unload goods, essentially making every onsite delivery a two-in-one operation. By simplifying the logistics and minimizing the need for additional equipment or manpower, truck-mounted forklifts are quickly becoming an industry standard for businesses focused on streamlined operations.

The Applications – Where Truck-Mounted Forklifts Shine

Truck-mounted forklifts offer an extra layer of utility for many different industries, from construction sites to food and beverage distribution. Since they make it easy to navigate tight spaces and congested areas, they excel in situations that require quick deliveries and pickups without the need for additional unloading equipment. With the capability to offload materials directly at point-of-use locations like job sites and storefronts, truck-mounted forklifts redefine the concept of delivery efficiency.

The Benefits – Why Truck-Mounted Lifts Are a Game Changer

Investing in a truck-mounted forklift can have immediate and long-term benefits for your Florida business. They can significantly speed up the distribution and delivery processes by eliminating the need for a separate unloading vehicle. This results in quicker turnaround times and, ultimately, increased customer satisfaction.


They also require fewer personnel to operate, resulting in operational cost savings. Plus, their compact design means they can be brought directly to the job site, reducing the time and effort spent on multiple handling steps.

Types of Truck-Mounted Forklifts – Find the Perfect Fit

There are various types of truck-mounted forklifts, each engineered to meet specific operational demands. Some models are designed with a focus on high lift capacities, ideal for industrial or construction applications. Others prioritize maneuverability and are best suited for urban deliveries where space is limited. Options with advanced stability features are available for navigating agriculture job sites, lumber yards, and other uneven terrain.

Our team can help you determine the right model for you based on your budget and business requirements. With Ring Power Lift Trucks, you’re getting more than just a cutting-edge piece of equipment – you’re investing in a sustainable solution tailored to your needs.

Ring Power Lift Trucks – Your Source for Forklift Equipment

Partnering with Ring Power Lift Trucks rewards you with the assurance of quality, service, and top-notch after-sales support. We take great pride in offering an extensive range of forklift options, backed by decades of industry experience and a commitment to your complete satisfaction. Whether guiding you through the purchasing process, providing emergency forklift repairs, or delivering replacement parts, our team is dedicated to ensuring your equipment continues to boost your business and support your bottom line.

Achieve Advanced Efficiency With a Truck-Mounted Forklift

In the fast-paced world of logistics and material handling, efficiency isn’t just an advantage – it’s a necessity. By purchasing your forklift equipment through Ring Power Lift Trucks, you’re investing in a streamlined operation, amplified productivity, and peace of mind. Our range of truck-mounted forklifts, parts, and accessories equips you with reliable, high-performance machinery tailored to your business’s needs. Find the forklift equipment you’re looking for by shopping our inventory online or ordering from a Ring Power Lift Trucks location near you.

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