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Big Joe electric pallet movers, electric  pallet jacks, electric walkies walkie stackers are ideal for Florida companies needing to move pallets of material, but don't need the expense of a full-sized forklift.

Big Joe pallet movers range in capacity from 1,000 lbs. to 6,000 lbs. and are for sale at Ring Power Lift Trucks' Florida locations.

Big Joe electric walkies and electric pallet jacks for sale in Florida:


Electric Walkie Pallet Jack

Big Joe electric motorized pallet jack is a balance of economy and performance. Big Joe's E30 is best value in the industry.
- Up to 4.5 hours per singe charge
- 3,000 lbs capacity
- Rechargeable battery pack and internal 110v charger.

Electric Walkie Pallet Jack


Electric Rider Pallet Jack

WRT60 by Big Joe allows operators to move more product per hour, and since there are no moving parts in the drive motor... many maintenance expenses are eliminated over the equipment's lifecycle.
- 24volt ZAPI AC transistor control
- Shaft mounted electromechanical brake
- Large high torque AC drive motor

Electric Rider Pallet Jack


Electric Straddle Stacker

PDS 30 / 40 medium duty straddle truck by Big Joe.
- Lift capacities: 3,000 lbs. & 4,000 lbs.
- 224 AH Maintenace free battery pack
- Excellent truck for warehouse operations

Electric Straddle Stacker Information


Electric Walkie Stacker

A Big Joe CB22, with its Class II forklift carriage, is a value priced alternative to a sit-down forklift.
- Lift, lower and tilt buttons in handle
- High torque AC drive motor
- Battery discharge indicator with hour meter
- Premium AGM battery pack with 110v charger

Electric Walkies Stacker Information