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Q: Who must be trained?

A: Each and every forklift operator. This means that full-time, part-time, seasonal, substitute, and occasional forklift operators-regardless of experience-must be trained. In other words, you cannot legally allow any one of your operators, even experienced operators, to operate a powered industrial truck until he or she has successfully passed the required training and evaluation by a qualified instructor.

Q:  Is general training adequate?

A:  No. Your forklift training must be site- and forklift-specific. There are too many differences between forklift units and too many variables at each site to address your specific safety issues in a general training program.

Q:  What must the training program include?

A:  A combination of formal and hands-on training in a series of truck- and workplace-related topics. Train the Trainer course work must also include formal instruction (lecture, discussion, interactive computer learning, videos and written material) and practical training (demonstrations by the trainer and practical exercises performed by the trainer-trainee) with respect to record keeping, establishing forklift safety policy in the workplace and teaching methods.

Q: Why should companies comply?

A: Improper forklift operation is the major cause of warehouse and plant accidents, which may also involve:

  • Loss of Life and Limb: Powered industrial truck accidents cause approximately 107 fatalities and 34,000 serious injuries each year.
  • Lost Productivity: Employers lose an estimated 20,000 workdays annually due to lift trucks accidents.
  • Risk of Litigation: Employers spend up to $42 million annually in accident-related litigation and settlements.
  • Risk of Fines: If an accident occurs, an employee makes a complaint, or an inspector drops in for a random visit, you could be cited for an infraction and have to pay a substantial fine.


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