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Teach Forklift Safety to Your Operators

Our experienced forklift trainers will give you the skills and tools to become an effective and informed forklift operator trainer. In turn, you'll be able to instruct your own forklift operators so they can work safely and efficiently. Proper lift truck training reduces accidents by as much as 70% which can have a dramatically beneficial impact on your bottom line.

Train the Trainer Forklift course work includes the entire Forklift Operator Safety Training program, as well as:

  • Formal instruction: lecture, discussion, interactive computer learning, video tape, written material
  • Practical training: demonstrations by the trainer and practical exercises performed by the trainer-trainee
  • Evaluation of the trainee's performance in the workplace
  • Instructions on record retention, documentation of training, daily inspection sheets
  • Sample formats for establishing forklift safety policy in your workplace
  • Instruction and exercises on teaching methods

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NOTE: Trainers are NOT required to be re-certified every three years like operators; however, they are responsible for keeping current with changes in the Federal OSHA Laws.