4 Types of Forklift Tires

If you work with forklifts, someday you’ll need to change their tires. How do you know when forklift tires need replacing? Further, how do you know which tires fit your particular forklift? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the information about forklift tire types, how to maintain them, and when they should be replaced. 


First, it’s important to understand how to decide which tires are right for your forklift. The kind of tires you need is only partially determined by forklift sizes. Additionally, you’ll need to consider how the forklift will be used, and in what industry and environment.

  • Pneumatic tires come in two different types. Air pneumatic tires resemble car tires, with thick, durable tread that works well in indoor and outdoor applications. Solid pneumatic tires are made from solid rubber and have a long lifespan because they can’t be easily punctured, making them perfect for outdoor jobs. Both types of pneumatic tires have thicker tread than cushion tires, which allows them to be durable and stable on uneven surfaces.
  • Cushion tires are best for smooth, indoor surfaces. They’re made of solid rubber molded to a steel band, and because they require less manufacturing labor and material than pneumatic tires, they’re more cost-effective. Cushion tires are great for compact warehouse areas because they’re small, have low ground clearance, and work well with small forklift frames and narrow warehouse aisles.
  • Choose non-marking tires if you’re concerned about your warehouse floor. These tires won’t leave black marks or stains on the floor. Pneumatic, solid, and cushion tires can all be customized to be non-marking. These are the ideal tires to use in situations where you’re dealing with things like food or paper and don’t want to risk cross-contamination.
  • Polyurethane tires can last longer than rubber tires. Made with a lightweight press-on design, they resist splitting and are also chemically resistant. They’re best for lightweight warehouse jobs, and when used correctly they can last as long as twice the lifespan of rubber tires.

How do you know when to replace your forklift tires? A good rule of thumb is to replace them when there’s less than an inch from the lettering to the top of the tires. You should also replace them if you notice visible damage.

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