Forklift Service Shops in 10 Florida Cities

Ring Power Lift Trucks is a full-service forklift dealer with 105 factory-trained technicians capable of complete rebuilds and overhauls on all forklift makes and models. Our team is ready to support our customers throughout Florida, such as in Daytona, FL. We utilize the latest in forklift repair and service diagnostic equipment. The services we offer include transmission rebuilds, paint services (we have access to two sites), oil/fuel lab diagnostics, complete machining, metal fabrication, and a hydraulic repair shop. Ring Power Lift Trucks has invested in the necessary tools and team to keep your fleet of forklifts performing in top condition. Be sure to request a forklift service quote or find a florida forlift service location closest to you.

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Why In-Shop Forklift Repairs?

If your forklifts need quality service and repairs, we can help. We have over ten convenient forklift service shops throughout Florida. From simple to complex repairs, our highly trained technicians handle repairs for all major brands of forklifts. Let us service your entire fleet of forklifts, ensuring your fleet is ready to handle the demands of your material handling business. Here are some additional reasons to bring your forklift to one of our service locations:

  • Highly-Trained and Experienced Technicians – Ring Power Lift Trucks takes pride in ensuring all our technicians have the education and training to handle any repair request. This helps our team remain up-to-date on recent manufacturing changes while using the latest diagnostic technologies and techniques. The team strives to complete all service and repair requests efficiently and done right the first time.
  • Easier Access to Quality Parts – As a full-service forklift dealer, we offer a multitude of OEM and aftermarket forklift parts to fit your needs and budget. The easy access to all these parts allows our technicians to complete repairs in less time, getting your equipment back in use and on the job as soon as possible.
  • Fleet Management Programs Catered to Your Needs – Our team can promptly handle single or entire fleet repairs. We’ll work with you to create a catered program based on your needs, equipment, and budget. This program is designed to maximize your uptime while minimizing any downtime for repairs. Maintenance programs allow businesses to add repair and maintenance to their monthly expenses versus costly emergency repairs.

Benefits of Routine Forklift Repairs

One of the responsibilities of forklift fleet managers is to extend the life of lift trucks without consistently expensive repairs. It's essential to ensure that accidents and downtime are prevented. We have invested in the education and tools needed to prolong and maintain the life of your forklift fleet with our forklift services. Here are some benefits of routine forklift service and repairs:

  • Avoid Unnecessarily Accidents – Workplace safety should be one of the most critical factors regarding material handling. Operating a forklift that’s in dire need of repair can lead to endangering workers and inventory. Failure to maintain your forklift fleet can lead to loss of limb, damage to stock, and your business’s reputation in the industry.
  • Identify Potential Complications Early – Routine forklift service is a great way to identify any issues before they become more significant. Having your fleet inspected regularly can help lower maintenance costs and keep operating costs low.
  • Improved Performance and Productivity – If your business requires consistent heavy use of forklifts, routine in-shop forklift repairs can keep your machines running optimally, increasing productivity and reducing downtime.  Your vehicles will reliably get the job done right and on time.