FORKLIFT Service & Repair in Florida

Forklift Maintenance Agreements & Plans

Whether you have one forklift or a diverse fleet across different locations, Ring Power Lift Trucks will customize a forklift Fleet Maintenance Agreement (FMA) or Planned Maintenance (PM) program to your forklifts and your business application needs.

Forklift Fleet Maintenance Agreements

Combine a planned maintenance schedule with complete repair services to help keep your lift trucks in peak condition with minimum downtime.

  • Tailored to your specific business needs and performed on-site.

  • Allows budgeting at a fixed, known cost for the length of the contract.

  • Minimizes monthly payments on all maintenance services.

  • Reduces the need for costly forklift parts inventories, tooling and emergency equipment.

  • Ensures emergency repairs will be handled promptly and performed correctly.

Forklift Planned Maintenance Programs

Keep your material handling equipment on the job and out of the shop by stopping problems before they start with a forklift planned maintenace program. Each program is scheduled to your specific production needs as determined by an evaluation of your operations, taking into account:

  • Current forklift maintenance practices

  • Actual hours forklift is run

  • How your forklift is used in your application

Based on the evaluation, we design a maintenance schedule that keeps your forklift in optimal running condition, resulting in longer equipment life, less downtime and greater trade-in value on your next forklift purchase.

About Forklift Maintenance & How It Helps You

Regular maintenance is a vital part of managing material handling equipment to preserve its current performance, lengthen its lifespan, and avoid future issues. Ring Power Lift Trucks strongly recommends taking advantage of our maintenance services, and we keep them at affordable prices to ensure they fit within your budget. Maintaining your forklifts lets us check vital components for wear or damage and repair or replace them before they grow into substantial and expensive problems. Your equipment also performs at its best when it gets regular attention, cleaning, and care from our forklift mechanic.

Timely & Accurate In-Shop Forklift Service & Repairs

When your forklift needs the best possible repair service and performing it on-site is not an option, Ring Power Lift Trucks offers in-shop service and repairs. Our facilities use state-of-the-art equipment to accurately diagnose issues with your forklift and perform efficient and conclusive repairs. You won’t have to wait too long for us to return your forklift, and our affordable rates mean you don’t have to wait to get your equipment the attention it needs.

On-Site Forklift Service in North & Central Florida

As a leading forklift dealer in the Sunshine State, Ring Power Lift Trucks understands you sometimes need repairs and service as soon as possible without sending your equipment to another location. We offer on-site forklift service and repair to ensure you get professional work at your facility. We have technicians ready to respond to service calls in various state destinations promptly. When we arrive, we get to work with routine maintenance or forklift repair service. After diagnosing the issue, our team quickly and carefully resolves any damage or performance issues using quality parts and our extensive mechanical knowledge.