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Rent a Forklift

What Types of FOrklift Rentals Do We Have Available?

Ring Power Lift Trucks has a rental fleet of nearly 400 forklifts ready to use at worksites throughout the area. Our various makes and models have capacities ranging from 3,000 to 55,000 pounds with features like piggybacks and specialized handling options. You can choose from our collection of fuel types, depending on your needs and work environment, and our team will gladly help you select the right option from any of the following:

Specializing in Forklift Rentals for Material Handling

Renting special material handling equipment can save you money on costs like maintenance and parts while still providing the machinery you need to keep your operation productive. Whether you run a warehouse or manage any business type that requires forklifts to move freight and other material, Ring Power Lift Trucks has you covered. Our company serves North and Central Florida clients, including Gainesville, FL , with forklifts for rent at competitive prices. You can rent a forklift for a single day or take advantage of our long-term options to ensure your business can move pallets without worrying about the expensive and time-consuming responsibilities accompanying forklift ownership. Our forklift rental services are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Electric Forklift Lifting Pallets of Cans

You get reliable power and considerable battery life with electric forklift models, letting you complete your material handling without fumes or noisy engines.

Forklift lifting heavy containers

These forklifts perform well without worrying about charging them at the end of the day. Diesel forklifts are most suitable in an outdoor or well-ventilated environment.

LP-Gas Engine Forklift Moving Material

Liquefied petroleum (LP) gas is an effective fuel source to power forklifts and provides reliable performance. Our team can help you pick the perfect forklift for your needs.

Connect with a Rental Representative

What Are Our Rental Rates for Forklifts & Accessories?

The rates for your material handling equipment or forklift rental depend on a wide array of factors, including which type of machinery you rent and the length of time you intend to keep it. For instance, renting an IC Cushion Tire Forklift running on LP gas will cost you $240 for a daily rental, $500 for a weekly term, or $1,350 for a monthly option. According to our monthly rates, attachments range in price from $235 for a carpet pole to $470 for fork positioners. We base our rates on the following calculations:


Daily = Eight hours per day     Weekly = 40 hours per week     Monthly = 160 hours per month


Prices listed in USD. Transport & fuel charges not included. Other fees may apply. Ring Power Lift Trucks does not rent to individuals. All rental customers must complete a credit application and be able to provide a valid Certificate of Insurance (COI).

High-Quality Forklift Rentals in Florida

Ring Power Lift Trucks proudly provides equipment rentals throughout North and Central Florida. When you use our rental service, you have access to a variety of different forklifts, including rough terrain, indoor, and electric forklifts. No matter what you need it for, we have the right one to meet your needs. Our forklift rental service includes single-day rentals and long-term rentals. Whether you are working on a project that will take a few weeks or you need to move something in one day, our rental services can help you get the necessary work done. If you are unsure of what type of rental you need, our team of experts can help you find the right fit. We have put together a list of tips for renting forklifts to help guide you through the rental process.

Why You Should Rent From Ring Power Lift Trucks

Ring Power Lift Trucks is the premier dealer and service provider for industry professionals to rent a forklift, buy a new or used model, find parts, and receive maintenance or repairs. We have ample experience with material handling equipment and offer products and services for a wide array of brands, such as Cat® Lift Trucks, Kalmar, Big Joe, Jungheinrich, and Mitsubishi Forklifts. Our company proudly serves clients throughout North and Central Florida, including Jacksonville, Daytona, Ocala, Tampa, Tallahassee, Lakeland, St. Petersburg, Westside Jacksonville, and Sarasota. Let our extensive inventory and factory-trained technicians work with you to provide timely and efficient equipment solutions. Contact us today to discuss your forklift needs with a staff member.

Get a Reliable Forklift Rental Today

Over the years, we have been supplying reliable and affordable equipment rentals to North and Central Florida residents. Whether you are in Gainesville, Tampa, Jacksonville, Ocala, Daytona, Tallahassee, Sarasota, Petersburg, Lakeland, or Westside Jacksonville, our services are available to you. As a local forklift rental provider, we know how important it is that our community has access to the tools they need in order to be successful. That is why we provide a wide range of short and long-term forklift rentals for you to choose from. With our selection, you will be able to find just the right machinery you need, whether it be an electric forklift rental, a large forklift rental, or an all-terrain forklift rental. Reach out to us today to get the rental equipment you need for your next project.

How Long Should I Rent My Forklift For?

You should rent a forklift for as long as you need. If you have a project coming up where you will need your forklift for several weeks, then you should rent our equipment for that period of time. Additionally, if you have several projects coming up in a row, then you might consider extending the rental period to cover both projects.

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