Electric Forklift Rentals

Electric Forklifts rentals throughout Florida

Ring Power Lift Trucks of Florida provides electric forklifts for Florida warehouses, manufacturers and material moving. Our advisors will assist in selecting the right electric forklift rental for your operation. We offer the option to buy or rent a forklift. So, you can purchase one if you know it’s what you will need, but you can test one out by renting it if you have any hesitation. Our service team provides replacement parts and perform repairs on forklifts when needed.


Forklift Truck Rentals Across the Whole State

Ring Power Lift Trucks provides forklifts across Florida. Whether you need a technician to perform repairs or a sales agent to help you find the right electric forklift for your facility, our team is ready to assist. We serve the following cities in Florida:

Contact a forklift Rental Representative 

If your facility is moving freight less efficiently than you think it could, you may need to try out some of the new electric forklifts at Ring Power Lift Trucks. Our forklift truck rental service can help you figure out if a particular type of forklift is really as helpful to your team’s productivity as we claim. Then, once you see the benefits, we can also help you purchase that forklift and provide maintenance services throughout its lifetime. Call us directly or fill out an electric forklift contact form here to connect with a rental representative today.