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Premier Forklift Parts in Westside, FL

Forklifts are built to last, but like any other vehicle or piece of machinery, they are vulnerable to wear and tear. Ring Power Lift Trucks in Gainesville, FL, offers high-quality forklift parts and accessories vital to keeping your lift truck running optimally. We have decades of experience working with original and aftermarket forklift parts in addition to multiple brands and their specific proprietary parts, such as CAT. If you're looking for forklift replacement parts, become a Ring Power account holder to benefit from our fast parts/parts free guarantee that ensures your parts are delivered within 24 hours or free.

Forklift Parts

Original or Aftermarket Forklift Parts

An important decision for any business using forklifts is whether you use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket parts. The significant difference between the two is that OEM parts are designed for specific models and makes. In contrast, aftermarket forklift parts are not manufactured for a particular model. We've compiled a list of pros and cons for using OEM or aftermarket forklift parts:

OEM forklift parts are more expensive and have higher production standards than aftermarket parts. An advantage of using OEM parts is that they are designed and produced to fit a specific forklift model and typically come with some form of warranty. OEM parts can be challenging to find as they’re not widely distributed. It’s difficult for any business to commit exclusively to OEM parts.

It’s possible to find aftermarket parts manufactured to be of higher quality than their OEM counterparts. Aftermarket parts are also more affordable, making it easier for fleets of forklifts to be routinely serviced and maintained. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the design process, not every part will fit every model of forklift, and not every aftermarket forklift part comes with a full warranty.

Ordering forklift parts online has never been easier! Get the all the parts you need in one place. Register to use our online parts ordering system and get access to all of our OEM and after-market forklift parts.

What are the Parts of a Forklift and Their Functions?

We carry various lift truck parts including some name brands, such as CAT forklift parts. If one of our locations throughout Florida doesn't have the part in stock, we're happy to order the specific part you need. For those unaware, a forklift comprises several vital components that allow it to operate optimally. The necessary parts include the following:

  • Overhead Guard – This helps ensure the operator is safe from falling objects.
  • Counterweight – A large mass adheres to the rear of a forklift frame. It’s designed to help the forklift balance as materials are lifted and transported.
  • Engine/Battery Compartment – The compartment contains either the internal combustion engine or the battery/fuel cells, depending on the forklift’s power source.
  • Cab – The area where the operator sits includes all the control pedals, steering wheel, lever, switches, and informational readouts needed to use the forklift optimally.


  • Steer Axle – A central axle shaft that rotates a wheel or a gear.
  • Drive Axle – This part is fastened to the forklift framework with a lift mast. The lift mast attaches to the drive axle. It can be inclined by tilting the cylinder around the drive axle’s centerline.
  • Carriage - The area where the forks or other attachments are mounted. Like the mast, the carriage can have either rollers or bushings to guide it in the interlocking mast rails.
  • Forks – These are the two arms that hold and transport materials. They are designed to slide underneath pallets, plywood, drywall, and more.
  • Load Backrest – An extension that is either bolted or welded to the carriage to ensure the load doesn’t shift backward when the carriage is raised to full height.
  • Life/Tilt Cylinder – These are hydraulic cylinders mounted to the forklift frame and mast. They tilt to pivot the mast backward or forward to help better engage the material.
  • Mast – A vertical assembly that allows materials to be raised or lowered. Typically, these are hydraulic systems that use one or more hydraulic cylinders.

Forerunners in Forklift
Replacement Parts

Ring Power Lift Trucks strives to make all forklift truck part sales as easy as possible. We offer easy online ordering, allowing you to get all the needed parts in one convenient and easy-to-use place. To get additional benefits by becoming one of our Ring Power account holders, gain access to expedited shipping within 24 hours, or the part is free. Contact our knowledgeable representatives if you have questions regarding a feature of the original or aftermarket forklift parts or if you need assistance with ordering or shipping.

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