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  • 05/01/2024 0 Comments
    How to Reduce Forklift Maintenance Costs

    Keeping your forklift fleet operational and efficient is crucial if your business relies on these powerful machines. Forklift maintenance is non-negotiable, but it can quickly become a significant expense. Fortunately, there are many ways to manage forklift maintenance more effectively to reduce costs without compromising performance or safety. Here are some practical tips and insights to try.

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  • 05/01/2024 0 Comments
    Common Causes of Hydraulic Hose Failure

    Forklift operators examine more than their fair share of hydraulic hoses over the years. While routine inspections typically go off without a hitch, it’s always possible to find signs of hydraulic hose failure, such as leaks, dents, twists, or other damage. When this happens, it’s important to report the problem to a supervisor and avoid using the forklift until the issue has been addressed. Discover the common causes of hydraulic hose failure and how to avoid them so these forklift parts remain in top condition.

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  • 05/01/2024 0 Comments
    How a Hydraulic Forklift Works

    If you’re in the material handling business, you may operate a hydraulic forklift every day. But do you understand the mechanics behind how it works? Here’s the intriguing information you’ve always been curious about.

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  • 05/01/2024 0 Comments
    How to Inspect Forklift Hydraulic Hoses

    Hydraulic hoses are essential forklift parts. Ensuring they remain in optimal condition is crucial for maintaining safe, efficient forklift operations. Follow this guide on inspecting forklift hydraulic hoses to help you identify potential issues before they lead to costly downtime or workplace accidents.

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  • 05/01/2024 0 Comments
    Why Propane Forklift Safety Matters

    Forklifts are indispensable features of warehouses and distribution centers, providing essential lifting capacity and efficiency when handling materials. Among the different types of forklift engines, propane-powered ones are particular favorites. They offer reliability, clean and odorless operation, and affordable running costs. However, while propane forklifts have many benefits, they also bring specific safety challenges that must be addressed with care.

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  • 05/01/2024 0 Comments
    How to Choose the Right Warehouse Racking System

    A warehouse racking system, also known as a pallet racking system, is the backbone of any warehouse infrastructure. It involves metal upright frames and horizontal beams to hold pallets, cases, and oddly shaped merchandise securely. These systems typically range from 15 to 60 feet tall, often necessitating a forklift for material retrieval.

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  • 20/09/2023 0 Comments
    Electric vs. Propane Forklifts

    With so many options to choose from, selecting the right forklift for your business can feel overwhelming. It’s not just deciding between new and used and whether to purchase or rent. You must also narrow down the ideal fuel source based on your needs. Many business owners in the material handling industry wonder if they should choose electric or propane forklifts. Both chave unique pros and cons worth your consideration.


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  • 13/09/2023 0 Comments
    Pros and Cons of LP Gas Forklifts

    The type of forklift you choose can significantly impact your material handling operations. Should you go with electric, diesel, or propane forklifts? Each option has advantages and disadvantages, but let’s focus on propane, also known as LP (liquid propane) gas or LPG. Read on to discover why this fuel is the preferred choice for half of the world’s forklifts. Then, weigh the cons to ensure you make a fully informed decision for your business.


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  • 06/09/2023 0 Comments
    8 Steps to Installing a Forklift Liquid Propane Tank

    Propane is the preferred fuel for half of the world’s forklifts, offering a powerful and cost-effective solution for heavy lifting since its introduction in the 1950s. But installing a liquid propane tank isn’t as simple as changing out a few batteries. This guide will walk you through the eight steps required to install a forklift liquid propane tank safely and efficiently.


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  • 23/08/2023 0 Comments
    Best Forklifts for Outdoors and Rough Terrain

    When faced with moving materials over uneven ground in challenging outdoor conditions, selecting the right forklift makes all the difference. The goal is to find a machine specifically engineered to tackle unstable surfaces while maintaining the capacity to lift substantial loads. Learn more about all-terrain forklifts and what features set them apart from standard, smooth-tire warehouse forklifts.


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  • 16/08/2023 0 Comments
    Forklift Tire Guide

    Getting the most from your forklifts is about more than just lift power and maneuverability. The forklift tires you use are equally important. Selecting the right set of tires can boost productivity, safety, and efficiency, so don’t make this decision lightly. Use the information here to guide you as you look for the best solution for your application.


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  • 09/08/2023 0 Comments
    8 Most Popular Forklift Attachments

    If you use a forklift at your facility, you undoubtedly get plenty of use from the default forks, but these are just the tip of the iceberg. With the right attachments, your forklift can be much more than a heavy lifter; it can be your go-to workhorse for a wide range of tasks.


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  • 02/08/2023 0 Comments
    3 Ways to Maximize the Life of Your Railcar Mover

    Railcar movers are critical assets in industrial settings, designed to last for decades as they play a pivotal role in keeping supply chains moving smoothly. Their longevity is not just about their sturdy construction but also about how well they are operated and maintained. In this article, we’ll discuss three tips that can help you to fully realize the potential of your railcar mover and avoid expensive downtime.


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  • 26/07/2023 0 Comments
    How a Forklift Can Improve Warehouse Efficiency

    When managing a warehouse, nothing affects your bottom line more than your crew’s efficiency. With the constant influx of inventory, ensuring that your operation runs seamlessly is paramount. You’ve probably considered various tools and strategies to optimize your processes, but have you considered the benefits of a forklift in a warehouse setting? Here’s how renting or buying a forklift can be a game-changer for businesses hoping to achieve peak efficiency.


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  • 19/07/2023 0 Comments
    10 Most Important Forklift Components

    If you own or operate a forklift, you know firsthand that these mighty machines are much more than just wheels and a lifting mechanism. But what parts make up a forklift? As complex as they might seem, understanding the most essential forklift components is the key to appreciating how they work. Explore the 10 most important forklift parts and the roles they play in your material handling operation.


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  • 12/07/2023 0 Comments
    Should I Use OEM or Aftermarket Forklift Parts?

    A component on your forklift has worn out, and it’s time to replace it. Faced with the decision between original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket parts, which will you choose? As the great debate between OEM and aftermarket parts rages on, many forklift owners are firmly in one camp, while some swear by the other. If you’re not sure which is right for you, this guide should help you decide.


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  • 05/07/2023 0 Comments
    The Importance of Choosing Genuine Parts for Your Forklift Truck

    Navigating the world of forklift truck maintenance can be overwhelming. Still, one undeniable fact rings true—using genuine forklift parts maximizes your equipment’s performance and reliability. Choosing authentic components could be well worth the investment, depending on the benefits you hope to enjoy. Let’s shed some light on why OEM parts should be the go-to choice for your forklift truck.


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  • 28/06/2023 0 Comments
    Industrial Floor Sweepers vs. Scrubbers: How to Select the Right Equipment

    In the bustling environment of an industrial workspace, maintaining cleanliness and ensuring safe navigation for forklifts and other equipment is crucial. But when faced with the decision of sweeping vs. scrubbing, you might be at a loss. Which cleaning equipment is right for your application, and what’s the difference between a scrubber and a sweeper anyway? Here’s what you need to know.


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  • 21/06/2023 0 Comments
    Avoiding Flood Damage to Your Forklift During a Hurricane & More

    In Florida, hurricanes are a reality. The hurricane season brings these storms with all too frequent regularity, causing substantial damage and disruptions. One critical aspect often overlooked is protecting valuable equipment like forklifts. These heavy-duty machines are essential for efficient warehouse operations and safeguarding them from flood damage during hurricanes is of the utmost importance. In this article, we’ll explore essential tips for keeping your forklift safe when facing the fury of a hurricane.


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  • 14/06/2023 0 Comments
    How Are AGVs Commonly Used?

    Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are assuming an important role in various industrial sectors. They have been designed to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and offer numerous applications that adapt to the needs of different work environments. Here are some of the common uses of AGVs:


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  • 07/06/2023 0 Comments
    Automated Guided Vehicles in the Warehouse

    Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) have revolutionized the warehousing industry, providing intelligent solutions for material handling and transportation. These innovative vehicles are designed to navigate without human intervention, following predefined paths or guided by various navigational technologies. In this article, we’ll discuss the significance of AGVs in a warehouse environment.


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  • 30/05/2023 0 Comments
    National Forklift Safety Day

    The second Tuesday in June—or June 13, 2023—is National Forklift Safety Day. The event is sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association and will be held in person in Washington, DC, following the virtual events of the past two years. Even if you can’t attend in person, this annual reminder is the perfect opportunity to review forklift training and safety in your facility.


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  • 24/05/2023 0 Comments
    What Are Pneumatic Tires, and Why Are They Used for Many Outdoor Applications

    Pneumatic tires are commonly used in forklifts, providing a crucial edge in many outdoor applications. Understanding what pneumatic tires are and exploring their benefits and characteristics can shed light on why they’re a preferred option for forklifts, especially for outdoor applications.


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  • 17/05/2023 0 Comments
    Telematics for Forklifts

    Telematics is a transformative technology, particularly in the industrial and logistics sector. When applied to forklifts, it ushers in a new era of efficiency, safety, and automation. Forklift telematics, telematics tracking, and telematic forklift automation are three key aspects that will be explored here.


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  • 10/05/2023 0 Comments
    Selecting the Right Forklift Tires: Pneumatic vs. Cushion

    If you’re in the market for a forklift, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of those is deciding what kind of tires to order for your new forklift.  The choice between pneumatic tires and cushion tires is often a consideration when it comes to forklifts. Understanding the differences between these two types and where they are best utilized is essential.


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  • 03/05/2023 0 Comments
    Forklift Safety Do's and Don'ts

    Forklifts are an indispensable tool in many industries, enabling the efficient handling and movement of goods. However, improper use can lead to severe accidents and injuries. It’s essential to follow certain do’s and don’ts to maintain forklift safety.


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  • 26/04/2023 0 Comments
    8 Frequently Asked Questions About Forklifts

    Forklifts are a vital part of material handling operations. Whether you’re an industry veteran or a newcomer on the scene, you may find yourself pondering some forklift-related questions. Here are eight frequently asked questions people have about forklift rentals, service, and purchasing decisions.


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  • 19/04/2023 0 Comments
    How to Drive a Sit-Down Forklift

    When you behold a sit-down forklift truck for the first time, it might resemble an intimidating beast. But, when treated with respect and understood correctly, a sit-down forklift becomes a reliable workhorse and an indispensable partner on the job. Let’s demystify this hard-working machine and cover everything you need to know about driving a sit-down forklift effectively and safely.


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  • 12/04/2023 0 Comments
    Guide to OSHA Forklift Regulations

    Navigating forklift safety regulations can seem daunting, but following the rules and regulations established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is crucial. Compliance ensures safety and saves you from the high costs of OSHA violations. Let’s break down the core components of OSHA forklift regulations that promote a better, safer work environment.


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  • 05/04/2023 0 Comments
    The Complete Guide to Red & Blue Forklift Safety Lighting

    Thousands of workplace injuries and fatalities occur every year due to poor forklift safety protocols. One essential way to prevent accidents is to use forklift lighting correctly. Learn how forklift accidents occur and how simple warning lights can decrease mishaps in this guide to forklift safety lighting.


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  • 22/03/2023 0 Comments
    Forklift Inspections & Pre-Operation Checklist

    Does your business perform material handling tasks? Whether you’re in the logistics, construction, or warehousing industry, forklift safety is the key to smooth operations and your team’s safety. Review the importance of thorough inspections and what a pre-operation checklist should include.


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  • 15/03/2023 0 Comments
    10 Forklift Safety Rules

    If you’re in the logistics, construction, or warehousing industry, forklifts are probably crucial for your daily operations. Of course, forklift operators must abide by certain rules to ensure everyone’s safety. In honor of National Forklift Safety Day in June, now is an excellent time to refresh 10 key rules with your workforce.


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  • 08/03/2023 0 Comments
    When is Forklift Refresher Training Required?

    OSHA certification requires the operators to successfully complete both written and hands-on training, and refresher training once every three years. Providing this training is absolutely mandatory, and failure to do so can make your company subject to heavy fines.


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  • 01/03/2023 0 Comments
    Stand-up Forklift Pros and Cons

    Forklifts are a necessity in manufacturing facilities, distributions centers, and warehouse operations. There are three main types of forklifts, and your operation might be best served with one over the others. For this discussion, we’re going to focus on one type of forklift, the stand up forklift.


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  • 22/02/2023 0 Comments
    Strategy to Rapidly Train and Onboard New Forklift Operators

    Employers need to develop a strategy to get new workers through job interviews, training courses, certification, and onboarding processes as quickly and safely as possible. In addition to sales and service, Ring Power Lift Trucks also provides OSHA approved training for your forklift operators. 


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  • 15/02/2023 0 Comments
    Forklift operator FAQs: How to get forklift certified

    To earn your forklift certification, you need two types of training, followed by an evaluation. The two parts of training are formal instruction and practical training.


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  • 08/02/2023 0 Comments
    What must be done daily before using a forklift?

    Your forklift is the workhorse of your operation. If a forklift is down, it can slow production, and delay shipping. To keep your forklifts working as hard as they can, and to ensure the safety of your workers, they need to be properly cared for, and one of the ways to do that is to complete a checklist before starting the day’s operation. If your forklifts are used by multiple shifts, the following items should be checked before the start of every shift.


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  • 01/02/2023 0 Comments
    8 Overlooked Forklift Parts that Can Break

    Forklifts are the workhorses of your warehouse. They are used all day, every day, and like all machines, they need routine maintenance to keep them operating safely and efficiently. While you expect parts like brakes, tires, and forks to need repairs or replacement, there are other parts that need maintenance but are frequently overlooked. Here are some of those parts that may not seem that important until they fail.


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  • 25/01/2023 0 Comments
    Five Major Benefits of Electric Forklifts

    Historically, forklifts have been powered by gasoline, diesel fuel, or LP Gas. These fuel systems provided the lifts with power and speed, as well as high lift and climbing capabilities. They needed to be run all day, every day with little or no downtime, and they needed to be able to function inside or outside in all kinds of weather. Given these requirements, electric forklifts seemed inadequate, but that has changed in recent years.


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  • 18/01/2023 0 Comments
    Forklift Maintenance 101

    Your forklifts represent a significant investment and to protect that investment, as well as for the safety of your workforce, you need to properly maintain them. If routine maintenance is ignored, the results could be as minor as significant downtime or as major as a serious injury to one of your workers.


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  • 11/01/2023 0 Comments
    How to Inspect Forklift Forks and Know When to Replace Them

    A forklift is a heavy duty machine, and it probably seems indestructible to you, but like all machines, it will wear out over time. Knowing how to inspect your forklift and all of its parts is an important skill and one that need to be taken very seriously.


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  • 04/01/2023 0 Comments
    6 Questions to Ask Before You Rent a Forklift

    Renting a forklift offers many advantages over buying one, not the least of which is the price of a new forklift. Renting allows you to use much needed operating capital for other facets of your business and gives you a great deal of flexibility. Before you rent however, here are six important questions you should ask yourself or your forklift dealer or rental company.


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  • 28/12/2022 0 Comments
    Choosing a Forklift Dealer Versus a Rental House for Your Rental Needs

    Forklifts are an integral part of many industries and the selection of the forklift best suited to your needs can be confusing. In addition to the many different types of forklifts and related accessories, you may need professional guidance to help you make the right decision.


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  • 21/12/2022 0 Comments
    Which Type of Forklift Should You Rent?

    When choosing a forklift, you need special insight to find the most productive and cost effective machine. Of course, you’ll need to consider size and power source, but you also need to take into consideration a number of other factors that will shape your ultimate decision.


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  • 14/12/2022 0 Comments
    Why Electric Forklifts are the Best Choice for Indoor Applications

    Forklifts are an integral part of many businesses and come in a wide variety of sizes, weight capabilities, and configurations. One variable when deciding on forklift models is the type of fuel they use. In the past most forklifts ran on gasoline, diesel fuel, or liquified petroleum, but electric forklifts are becoming increasingly popular with business owners for a number of reasons, especially when they’re used indoors.


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  • 07/12/2022 0 Comments
    Looking for Fleet Flexibility? Consider Renting a Forklift

    In addition to selling industrial equipment of all sorts, most authorized dealers offer a fleet of forklifts to provide rentals to their customers. These forklifts are intended to provide short term use of their forklifts during time of increased business needs without requiring the capital investment needed to purchase forklifts that would sit idle for extended periods of time.


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  • 23/11/2022 0 Comments
    What to Expect When You Rent a Forklift

    If you use forklifts to meet the needs of your business, you may want to purchase them outright, but renting may be a better way to go.  Renting a forklift is a much better option if any of the following apply to your business:


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  • 16/11/2022 0 Comments
    Tips for Renting Forklifts

    Forklifts are vital to just about every industry, from agricultural, manufacturing, construction, warehousing, to retailing, and so many more. For businesses that use forklifts regularly, they can face the dilemma of whether to buy their forklifts or to rent them.


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  • 09/11/2022 0 Comments
    History of Forklifts

    The history of forklifts begins with the industrial revolution of the 19th century. As manufacturing increased in the U.S., factories and warehouses were growing, increasing the need to move materials from spot to another.


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  • 02/11/2022 0 Comments
    8 Reasons to Rent from a Forklift Dealer

    If you use forklifts in your business, you have many different options to choose from. Selecting the right forklift for your particular situation can be a difficult and costly decision, especially if you buy the wrong equipment.


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  • 26/10/2022 0 Comments
    5 Ways to Prevent Damage to your Forklift Forks

    The forks on your forklifts are a vital part of the vehicle. If properly maintained they can last for years, but they don’t last forever. Over time, forks will bend crack or wear down. However, your operators can help to extend the life of your forks by incorporating the following practices at work:


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  • 19/10/2022 0 Comments
    Everything You Need to Know about Forklift Speed

    When it comes to operating forklifts, the number one priority should be safety. One requirement would be for your operators to maintain a safe speed at all times. While there’s no set speed limit for all forklifts, there are some general guidelines that should be followed to keep operators, pedestrians, and loads safe.


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  • 12/10/2022 0 Comments
    9 Common Forklift Types, Classifications and Uses

    When you need to move a heavy load over a short distance, a forklift will be able to get the job done. Forklifts are vital to many industries such as construction, warehousing, and shipping just to name a few. Forklifts come in a variety of types and sizes, and the right one for your job will be determined by how you’ll be using it. 

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  • 05/10/2022 0 Comments
    Forklift safety training tips for your warehouse

    Safety training is one of the most important jobs in any business, but it’s particular vital in a warehouse setting. With forklifts moving heavy loads around, the chances of accidents are everywhere, but with constant training and retraining of your workers, you can help to reduce the frequency or severity of accidents.

    Here are some tips that will help to keep your warehouse or dock safe for everyone in the area:

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  • 28/09/2022 0 Comments
    Most common Forklift Accidents and How to Prevent Them

    Accidents happen. That’s a fact of life but understanding the causes of accidents can help to put practices into place to reduce their frequency or severity. Here are the most common forklift accidents and some advice as to how to prevent them.

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  • 21/09/2022 0 Comments
    Choosing the best forklift energy source for your fleet size

    Modern forklifts can be operated by a number of different power sources and choosing the right type for your business can be a challenge. To help you with your decision, here are some major factors to consider.

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  • 14/09/2022 0 Comments
    Forklift battery basics: what you need to know

    A battery is a critical component of an electric forklift. By taking good care of your forklift’s batteries, you can ensure its smooth operation. In fact, you can double the life expectancy of a forklift battery with proper maintenance and upkeep.  Here are some tips to help you make the most of your forklift battery.

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  • 07/09/2022 0 Comments
    Why Propane is the Preferred Fuel for Half of the World’s Forklifts

    Introduced in the 1950s, propane has remained dominant as the world’s preferred forklift fuel. Propane forklifts are reliable, durable, and efficient, boosting workplace productivity and offering flexibility that meets changing operational requirements.

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  • 24/08/2022 0 Comments
    Forklift Battery Types

    Lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries remain the most prominent for forklift use. Ring Power Lift Trucks has compiled a guide to understanding which batteries may be most beneficial and economical for your material handling business. 

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  • 17/08/2022 0 Comments
    6 Signs You Need to Re-evaluate Your Lift Truck Power

    A practical and powerful lift truck can improve your company’s operational efficiency, which in turn boosts revenue.

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  • 10/08/2022 0 Comments
    How to Plan for Your Seasonal Forklift Rental

    Peak season falls upon material handling companies during the holidays, and when it does, your operations will be in full throttle with minimal downtime, if any at all.

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  • 03/08/2022 0 Comments
    Long-term Forklift Rental vs Buying

    Determining if buying or renting a forklift is the best route for your business can be challenging; Learning more about the advantages and disadvantages with Ring Power Lift Trucks can help you decide.

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  • 27/07/2022 0 Comments
    How Will Your Company Benefit from a Long-term Forklift Rental

    Ring Power Lift Trucks offers long-term forklift rentals that provide your company with a reliable machine without the costly expenditure and commitment of purchasing new equipment.

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  • 20/07/2022 0 Comments
    How Rental Forklifts Can Improve Warehouse Productivity

    For many manufacturers and distributors, owning forklifts is essential.. But in some circumstances, renting equipment can help you improve warehouse productivity and increase distribution center efficiency.


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  • 13/07/2022 0 Comments
    Reach Trucks vs Forklifts

    Forklifts and reach trucks are both very useful for warehouses, but they work differently. Here’s an overview of each machine, showing their differences.


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  • 06/07/2022 0 Comments
    Forklift Operator Qualifications & Skills

    Forklifts are a great asset to a company, but they can’t be handled by just anybody. Here are some qualifications and skills forklift operators should have, along with legal requirements.


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  • 22/06/2022 0 Comments
    Reasons Why Forklift Training And Certification Are Necessary

    Lift trucks are a huge value to manufacturing and warehousing environments, but only if they’re used correctly. Forklift training and certification are absolutely crucial.


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  • 08/06/2022 0 Comments
    Best Ergonomic Tips for Forklift Operators

    Forklifts reduce many risks of working in the material handling industry, but they can also introduce new ergonomic problems. The result may include increased operator strain and reduced efficiency. Simply by making your forklift drivers more comfortable, you can improve the working environment, reduce the risk of physical injury, and boost productivity.


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  • 01/06/2022 0 Comments
    4 Essential Elements of Forklift Safety

    If you operate a material handling business, safety should always come first. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 35,000 to 62,000 injuries involving forklifts occur annually.


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  • 25/05/2022 0 Comments
    6 Most Important Safety Devices on a Forklift

    Forklifts are a fundamental part of any material handling operation. But as with any heavy machinery, they can also present workplace safety hazards. That’s why several forklift safety features come standard on all lift trucks. Make sure your operators know how to use each one correctly to prevent accidents, injuries, and fatalities at your facility.


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  • 18/05/2022 0 Comments
    The Benefits of Forklift Trucks in Farming and Agriculture

    If you run a farm or other agriculture business, utilizing the latest technology can help you boost productivity and increase yield. Forklift trucks have long played a role in farming, helping the industry grow and keep pace with increasing demand for plant and animal products. Take a look at how forklifts and farming go hand-in-hand.


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  • 11/05/2022 0 Comments
    Ensuring a Successful AGV System

    More and more raw material storage facilities, assembly operations, and manufacturing warehouses are adopting automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems to improve safety, reduce labor costs, and boost efficiency.


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  • 04/05/2022 0 Comments
    Best Rough Terrain Forklifts for Multipurpose Use

    Rough terrain forklifts are the off-road workhorses of the agriculture, construction, and forestry industries. If you run a farm, ranch, oil refinery, construction site, or logging company, you may wonder which rough terrain forklifts are best suited for the job. Learn more about the different types of outdoor, multipurpose forklifts to help you decide.

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  • 27/04/2022 0 Comments
    Rough Terrain Forklifts Ease Material Handling in Challenging Settings

    Many different types of forklifts are available today, each with the intent to increase productivity in various settings. For smooth, stable material handling performance in challenging outdoor environments, you need a rough terrain forklift.

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  • 20/04/2022 0 Comments
    What Forklift Parts are Replaced Most Often?

    Like cars, trucks, and SUVs, forklifts require many replacement parts to keep them in good operating condition throughout their lifetime. Learn which ones are replaced most often so you can keep a stock of replacement parts on hand for routine maintenance and repairs.

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  • 13/04/2022 0 Comments
    Narrow Aisle Forklifts: Do More with Less

    Making the most of your warehouse storage space is more important than ever these days. As a result, you may find yourself moving your racks closer together to increase product volume within the same square footage.

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  • 06/04/2022 0 Comments
    Choosing Your Pallet Jack: Manual or Electric?

    If you find yourself wishing your material handling team had access to pallet jacks, you may be wondering—which is better, manual or electric?

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  • 30/03/2022 0 Comments
    8 Things to Look for When Buying a Used Rough Terrain Forklift

    Today, rough terrain forklifts are the preferred material handling equipment for farms, construction sites, military outputs, and other rugged outdoor settings. As you search for an affordable rough terrain forklift, you may have the opportunity to buy or rent a used one.

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  • 23/03/2022 0 Comments
    Forklifts for Farming and Agriculture

    When you picture farming equipment, you probably think of tractors or combines, but do forklifts come to mind? If not, they should! Agriculture and farming forklifts help farmers, nursery operators, and livestock owners in Florida speed up production and reduce labor costs for a more competitive edge. Having the palletized inventory necessary for forklift processing also increases storage space and keeps things organized.

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  • 16/03/2022 0 Comments
    Advantages and Disadvantages of AGVs

    Automated guided vehicles (AGVs), also known as driverless vehicles or automated forklifts, are becoming an integral part of the material handling industry. Capable of automating tasks that once relied on human personnel, AGVs are being adopted in numerous applications, including raw material storage, finished goods storage, assembly operations, and more. 

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  • 09/03/2022 0 Comments
    Forklift Truck Buying Guide

    Is your Florida material handling business expanding? It could be time to buy new forklift trucks to help boost your output. Maybe you’ve never bought or rented a forklift before. 

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  • 23/02/2022 0 Comments
    Guide to Forklift Features

    Most people who work in warehouses and other work environments with forklifts are familiar with their most basic features - the fork, the brake, the accelerator and gear shift. Fewer employees are familiar with all the other components of these vehicles. Here’s a handy guide to the features of forklifts.

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  • 16/02/2022 0 Comments
    4 Qualities to Look For in a Forklift Dealer

    A forklift is a major investment, and shopping for one can be a daunting experience if you haven't found a good dealer. Here are four top qualities to look for in a forklift dealer.

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  • 09/02/2022 0 Comments
    How to Get Your Forklift License

    Driving a forklift is a serious job because it involves serious risks to personnel, inventory and buildings. OSHA is the federal government’s workplace safety watchdog. One of their regulations is that all forklift operators must complete a training and certification program to ensure that they can be safe operators of industrial lift trucks. (They also must be recertified every three years.) 

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  • 02/02/2022 0 Comments
    What You Should Know Before Buying Forklift Parts

    Forklifts can last many years if properly maintained. A big component of that maintenance process is access to the right parts. Unfortunately, the process of buying forklift parts can be a bit complicated. Here’s what you need to know before you buy parts.

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  • 26/01/2022 0 Comments
    Uses of Electric Forklifts

    Electric forklift sales and rentals have been growing in market share for years, and now dominate the market. There are many reasons that electric models have overtaken diesel and other internal combustion forklifts. They offer greater efficiency. They don’t emit carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.

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  • 19/01/2022 0 Comments
    Top Reasons to Replace Your Forklift

    You want your equipment to last forever. If you maintain it well, it can last a long time. But eventually, equipment needs to be replaced. Here are a few reasons to replace your old forklift. 

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  • 12/01/2022 0 Comments
    Indoor Vs Outdoor Forklift

    If you’re renting or buying a forklift for your business, it may be tempting to base your decision on price, versatility, or power. While these are important factors, the first element of this decision is often whether the forklift will be used indoors, outdoors, or both, because different kinds of forklifts are suitable for different environments. 

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  • 05/01/2022 0 Comments
    Top Reasons to Buy a Used Forklift

    A forklift is a major benefit to your operation, but it can also be a major expense. What are the benefits of buying used? The obvious reason is that used forklifts are less expensive than newer ones, but there’s more to it.

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  • 22/12/2021 0 Comments
    Forklift Pedestrian Safety Tips

    Your workers are your most precious resource. If they’re working in an environment which includes powerful machines such as forklifts, you need to have serious safety protocols in place at all times. Here are some tips to help you maintain the safe coexistence of forklifts and pedestrians. 


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  • 15/12/2021 0 Comments
    Forklift Safety Tips to Avoid Injuries

    Forklifts can be a great benefit to your business. They enhance the safety of your work place by saving your employees from the dangers of carrying heavy cargo or hazardous materials. But a forklift is a dangerous thing if not used carefully. Here are some tips to ensure that your company uses forklifts as safely as possible.


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  • 08/12/2021 0 Comments
    How to Get the Most out of Your Forklift Rental

    There are many benefits to owning forklifts, but renting has its advantages too, especially if your need for forklifts is seasonal or temporary. Another benefit is that you’re not responsible for servicing or maintaining the vehicles. But since you are paying for every day you have them, it’s good to know some tips for how to get the most out of your rental period. 


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  • 01/12/2021 0 Comments
    Finding the Best Forklift Fuel Type for Your Workspace

    There are several factors to consider when choosing a forklift for your workspace - size, strength, cost, agility, and versatility. It’s also important to choose a forklift that uses a fuel source appropriate for the space where it will be used. 


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  • 24/11/2021 0 Comments
    Different Types of Forklift Engines

    If you’re in the market for a forklift, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the main types of forklift and what they’re used for. Forklifts are classified according to their function (order pickers, reach trucks, etc) but also in terms of the kind of engines they have. Here’s an overview of these five forklift engine types and their common application.

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  • 17/11/2021 0 Comments
    Common Forklift Issues

    Forklifts are generally rugged, trusty machines, built to last. But every machine has a few problems from time to time. If your business depends on forklifts, it’s good to be familiar with a few complications that may arise. 

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  • 10/11/2021 0 Comments
    Benefits of Propane Powered Forklifts

    You have a lot of options when shopping for a forklift. You’ve got your quiet, zippy electric forklifts. You’ve got your hefty, rugged diesel models. But don’t overlook the propane powered forklift, also known as an LP (liquid petroleum) gas forklift.


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  • 03/11/2021 0 Comments
    Diesel Forklift Vs Electric Forklift

    One thing that electric and diesel forklifts have in common is that they reliably do their job. If you’re interested in electric or diesel forklift rentals or sales and would like an on-site demonstration, come and talk to us at Ring Power Lift Trucks.

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  • 27/10/2021 0 Comments
    Forklift Rental Maintenance

    The forklifts you use are important to your business. For them to operate properly they need to be regularly maintained. For many companies, this factors into the decision of whether to buy or rent a forklift. Here’s why.

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  • 20/10/2021 0 Comments
    Importance of a Forklift Demo

    Before you buy a car you do a number of things. You determine your budget. You compare a number of cars in terms of price, quality, features, warranty, efficiency and more. And then you test drive a few. Buying forklifts should be no different. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to demo a forklift before making your purchase.


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  • 13/10/2021 0 Comments
    4 Types of Forklift Tires

    If you work with forklifts, someday you’ll need to change their tires. How do you know when forklift tires need replacing? Further, how do you know which tires fit your particular forklift? Don’t worry, we’ve got all the information about forklift tire types, how to maintain them, and when they should be replaced. 


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  • 06/10/2021 0 Comments
    How AGV Can Improve Your Workflow

    Are you considering integrating automated guided vehicles (AGVs) into your operation? They offer numerous advantages, including quality, precision, consistency, safety, and increased output. And while some may worry that machines will take jobs away from people, the truth is that using an AGV in your workplace allows humans to focus on tasks that effectively utilize their skills, judgement, and dexterity.

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  • 22/09/2021 0 Comments
    How to Prep your Operation for a Hurricane

    Hurricane season is upon us once again and, as everyone in Florida knows, we’ll inevitably take a hit. It’s part of the price you have to pay for living in a tropical paradise! The good news is, we don’t have to worry about preparing a forklift for winter weather the way those in snowy climates do. 

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  • 15/09/2021 0 Comments
    Pros and Cons of Electric Forklifts

    Are you considering adding electric forklifts to your fleet? They’re fast becoming a popular option. Beneficial in many different work applications, they can reduce fuel costs and maximize your efficiency.

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  • 08/09/2021 0 Comments
    3 types of Class 2 Forklifts: Order Pickers, Reach Trucks, and Turret Trucks

    Class 2 forklifts are electric narrow aisle forklifts. They run on lead acid, lithium-ion, or hydrogen fuel cell batteries and can handle anywhere from 1,500 to 5,000 pounds of lift capacity. Class 2 forklifts come in three different types.

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  • 01/09/2021 0 Comments
    Benefits of Automation

    One very exciting development for labor is the emergence of automated guided vehicles (AGV). Take a look at some of the benefits of AGV technology with Ring Power Lift Trucks.

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  • 25/08/2021 0 Comments
    Types of Motors Used in Forklifts

    Are you shopping for forklifts? Will you choose a diesel, propane, or electric forklift? It pays to understand a little bit about each kind of forklift motor before you make your decision about which kind to purchase.

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  • 18/08/2021 0 Comments
    Benefits of Buying a Used Forklift

    Do you need to replace a forklift? Whether you need to replace outdated or broken equipment or you’re looking to expand your fleet, a used forklift is a good option. Why would you choose a used forklift over new? We have several good reasons.

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  • 11/08/2021 0 Comments
    Debunking Electric Forklift Myths

    Are you considering adding electric forklifts to your fleet? An electric forklift is a great choice, because new innovations have made them reliable and cost-effective. They also improve both your sustainability and workplace health and safety, so why would you hesitate? It could be because you’re working with an understanding based on outdated data. Let’s look at some common myths about electric forklifts.

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  • 04/08/2021 0 Comments
    Common Misconceptions About Buying a Used Forklift

    There are many great reasons to purchase a used forklift. You can typically find a wide variety of used forklifts for sale, so it’s easy to quickly find one that meets your needs and is familiar to your operators. What’s more, used forklifts can be purchased for about half of what it costs to buy a new forklift. So why aren’t more people buying used forklifts? It comes down to some basic misconceptions.

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  • 28/07/2021 0 Comments
    Tips for Buying a Used Forklift

    When you’re in need of a forklift, it pays to look for used forklifts for sale. The benefit of buying used forklifts is well-documented, as they’re generally more cost-effective and more familiar to your operators. Buying anything used can involve some risk, so it pays to shop carefully. We can help, with these tips for buying a used forklift.

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  • 21/07/2021 0 Comments
    Are Forklift Operators in Demand?

    2020 was a rough year, and many businesses suffered. Guess what actually boomed? Ecommerce! Because of that fact, warehouse workers are in high demand this year. By extension, this means we’re going to need more forklift operators. The need for forklift operators has been steadily rising for about a decade, but the recent growth in warehouse jobs may mean an even brighter future ahead.

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  • 14/07/2021 0 Comments
    Forklift Purchasing Options: Buy, Rent or Lease?

    You know you need material handling equipment for an upcoming job or ongoing project, but how should you procure the machines you need? Buying, renting, and leasing forklifts each have their own advantages. Explore those here to help you make the best choice for your operation.

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  • 07/07/2021 0 Comments
    How to Choose a Forklift

    Forklifts can do it all, from transporting pallets around warehouses or loading docks to aiding workers on construction or agricultural sites. They come in various sizes, lifting capacities, and fuel types to suit multiple demanding applications. 


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  • 23/06/2021 0 Comments
    Stand-Up vs. Sit-Down Forklifts

    Many different forklift styles, fuel types, lifting heights, and weight capacities are available to meet the unique needs of warehouses and industrial applications worldwide. The two primary operating styles to consider are stand-up forklifts and sit-down forklifts.


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  • 16/06/2021 0 Comments
    Tips for Maintaining a Forklift

    You count on your forklifts to keep your business moving forward. But like all mechanical equipment, these machines experience wear and tear over time, which can lead to unsafe operation and unexpected breakdowns. Extend the lifespan of your forklifts and avoid hefty repair bills along the way with proper maintenance.


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  • 09/06/2021 0 Comments
    Who Should get Forklift Training?

    If you use forklifts for your business, whether in a warehouse or onsite, it’s imperative that the people operating the forklifts know what they’re doing. Not only that, but proper training is required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). So, who should get forklift training? Further, what must that training entail?



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  • 02/06/2021 0 Comments
    How Often is Forklift Training Needed?

    Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not require a regular schedule of training. In fact, how frequently training is offered to forklift operators is at the discretion of each business owner. OSHA does require that each forklift operator’s performance be reevaluated every three years, but if the evaluation demonstrates competence, no further training is required.

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  • 26/05/2021 0 Comments
    Questions to Ask When Buying a Forklift

    So, you’ve been working with a forklift rental company for a while, and you think you might be ready to take the plunge and buy a forklift. Forklifts are useful, and if you find that you’re spending more time renting a forklift than going without, buying might be a very good idea. It’s a big investment, though, so before you buy, there are some important questions you need to ask.


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  • 19/05/2021 0 Comments
    7 Classes of Forklifts Explained

    Forklift trucks have been around for a long time, and they’re used in warehouses all over the world. Did you know there are seven different classes of forklifts? Forklift operators must be certified for every class of forklift they’ll operate. Do you know which class of forklift is right for your business? Whether you are buying a forklift or simply using a forklift rental company to provide your equipment, it’s important to know the differences between the seven classes.

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  • 12/05/2021 0 Comments
    5 Reasons to Rent a Forklift

    Why would you rent a forklift? Some businesses are resistant to the idea, believing it’s better to make the investment in owning their own equipment.  Forklift rental is a smart move, though. If you plan to purchase your own forklifts, renting first helps you make an educated decision. But if you only need the forklift temporarily, because a short-term job requires specialized equipment or your workload has increased, renting is a cost-effective way to efficiently meet your company’s needs.

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  • 05/05/2021 0 Comments
    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Forklift Rental Company

    For many businesses, renting a forklift makes sense. Especially if you only use forklifts seasonally, there’s no need to make the investment to own one when you can get a forklift rental for a fraction of the cost. And consider this: if you choose the right company, the forklift you rent will often be a top-of-the-line model, with all the bells and whistles. Once you know you want to rent, it’s just a matter of determining the right forklift for you, and the right company with whom to do business.

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