What You Should Know Before Buying Forklift Parts

Forklifts can last many years if properly maintained. A big component of that maintenance process is access to the right parts. Unfortunately, the process of buying forklift parts can be a bit complicated. Here’s what you need to know before you buy parts.

Confirm the Year, Make and Model of Your Forklifts

This one seems like a total no-brainer, but busy managers have a lot on their plate, and occasionally buy a part for the wrong forklift model. Even buying for the wrong year can lead to ordering a part that won’t work, which can lead to a minor equipment failure or a serious accident. Make sure your equipment records are up to date. 


Find a Good Supplier

A good supplier of forklift parts will have access to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts and reliable after-market parts from brands such as Promatch. Used parts can save you a lot of money, but sometimes an OEM part is your best option, so find a supplier who can provide both. Using one parts supplier simplifies your accounting too, and it’s convenient to know exactly who to go to. Make sure they have a good system for online ordering too. 


Check Your Warranties Before You Buy

Original manufacturer parts and Promatch parts come with warranties, so keep good records of when your parts were purchased, and the warranties they came with. Promatch parts are covered for six months and unlimited work hours - the strongest warranty in the business. 


Delivery Time is Money

A provider may have all the parts you need, but it won’t help you much if those parts get tied up in the delivery stage. Find a supplier who can get your parts to you fast. Many providers have programs with a guarantee of delivery within 24 hours or the part is free. 


What Other Parts Might You Need?

When you replace a part, it’s often a good idea to replace related parts that are showing signs of wear. This can help you avoid repeating a similar disassembly and reassembly process down the line, as well as having to repeat the order process. 


Installation Help

Before you order, make sure one of your employees can install the part when it arrives. If not, your parts dealer may be able to install it.


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