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Safety Above All

Straightforward Forklift Training in Jacksonville, FL

Ring Power Lift Trucks in Sarasota, FL, understands how vital forklifts are for the material handling industry. Whether you're transporting products or operating heavy-duty outdoor machinery, proper forklift safety certification is required. All our forklift operator safety training is OSHA-compliant. When you contact us for training, our trainer will come to your operation and utilize your facility's equipment to ensure complete understanding for all operators. Contact us to schedule a class or use the scheduler at the bottom of this page.

Learn Best Practices With Our Forklift Operator Training

We'll impart best practices to your team when using our forklift operator training. These are designed to help keep your team and your product safe while avoiding unnecessary accidents and complications. Some of the best practices are basic such as always using the lift truck's operator seat belt or restraint system, or stay inside the operator compartment, and never reaching into moving parts of the truck. Here is a list of some of the best practices we teach:

  • Obey all company safety tiles and posted traffic signs, including speed limits.

  • Keep a clear view of your path of travel.

  • Stop, start and change directions smoothly.

  • When you approach intersections, slow down and sound the horn. This goes for blind corners, doors, ramp openings, around pedestrians and other vehicles, and when backing up.

  • When traveling, keep the forks in a low position that provides enough clearance over the surface you travel.

  • Keep a safe distance from the edge of any dock.

  • Do not jump on or off any lift truck.

  • Operators should always wear the required protective clothing and equipment such as steel-toed shoes and a safety vest.

  • It’s imperative to ensure all operators are properly trained and certified to operate a lift truck.

Benefits of Our Lift Truck Training

The forklift safety training offered by Ring Power Lift Trucks stands out in our industry. Our training will come to your operation at no additional charge. As stated before, we'll utilize your facility's equipment to enable further employee participation without shutting down your operation for a day. Your team should be more at ease and retain more if they are in a location they are familiar with. Our training is certified by the State of Florida, Caterpillar, and Mitsubishi. Each forklift training we offer includes on-site and equipment-specific training and observations. Following the forklift operator safety training, your operators will know the following:

  • The characteristic of a professional operator.

  • How to identify vital components and their functions.

  • The information on vehicle capacity plates and how they can affect vehicle operation.

  • Safe operation procedures such as traveling, handling loads, and working in aisles.

  • What to do in the case of a tip over.

  • How to perform pre-operational walk-around and inspection.

  • Importance of studying the vehicle’s operator manual.


How Often Is Forklift Training Required?

Our forklift operator training certifications are valid for three years. You must complete another performance evaluation with your employer to remain certified when your certification expires. We recommend that all forklift operators complete a refresher training after their certification expires. Certain situations require a refresher forklift operator safety training. Those situations include:

  • Being observed operating a forklift or lift truck in an unsafe manner.
  • If you’re involved in an accident involving a forklift.
  • Any near-miss accidents involving a forklift.
  • If, during an evaluation, it’s determined that the operator is not following forklift safety protocol.
  • If you're assigned to operate a new forklift, you need to be adequately trained to operate it.
  • A change in workplace conditions could affect a lift truck's safe operation.

Trust Us for Your Forklift Training

Ring Power Lift Trucks provide OSHA-compliant forklift operator safety training. When you choose us, our trainer will come to your facility and educate your operators on your equipment to ensure familiarity without requiring you to shut down operations. The training will establish best practices to ensure operator safety while reducing the possibility of accidents and additional complications. If you have any questions regarding our reach truck training or if you're looking to schedule a class, reach out. We'll be happy to get you scheduled for all of your operators to become forklift safety certified.

Training Manager:

Partick Knisel  |  407.375.4551

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