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Sometimes you may need a forklift for a specific period of time, but buying is not in the budget or not something that is right for you. In those cases, we recommend our Tampa forklift rentals. Ring Power Lift Trucks specializes in helping you select a forklift to rent for any period of time. We have forklifts that work inside small warehouses and produce zero emissions, making them safe for your workers. We also have heavy-duty forklifts for rugged work sites. We even have clean-burning forklifts that can work both indoors and outdoors. Whatever restrictions you are working within, we can help you find a forklift that works for you.

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A Forklift Dealer With Everything You Need

When you need a forklift for years, Ring Power Lift Trucks’ Tampa equipment rentals are likely not the best choice for you. When you need a forklift for an extended period of time, it is often best to buy one from a forklift dealer. We sell forklifts of every variety. We have electric forklifts for those concerned about the costs of fuel and dangerous emissions. Our diesel forklifts are ideal for heavy-duty work and hauling especially massive materials. The LP gas forklifts at our store are a great middle-ground because they produce no harmful emissions, yet they burn clean and have very low fuel costs.

Forklift Maintenance, Parts, and Repairs

Ring Power Lift Trucks performs Tampa forklift rental services like maintenance and repairs. A professional should perform preventative maintenance after every 250 hours of use, which amounts to about every six weeks if the forklift is used for a 40-hour workweek each week. We have 76 field technicians and 59 fully equipped service vehicles. So, we can come to you to perform maintenance or repairs. We know that when your forklift malfunctions, you need a forklift dealer that can come and perform repairs as soon as possible.