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Reliable On-Site Service in Petersburg, FL

Ring Power Lift Trucks in Tampa, FL, treat forklift service calls as our top priority. We know that time is money. Our factory-trained field service technicians have the tools and experience to get the job done right the first time. Ring Power Lift Trucks has more than 50 fully equipped service vehicles, including boom trucks. When we receive a call, one of our numerous Caterpillar-trained field technicians is dispatched via GPS from one of our eight facilities statewide. Our Florida customers receive forklift services on time, guaranteed. Call us and experience the Ring Power Lift Trucks difference and dedication. 

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Why Choose On-Site Forklift Repair?

If you cannot bring your equipment to one of our locations statewide, our trained technicians can come to you. This service allows us to provide you with forklift service and repairs throughout the state. Our technicians will arrive in one of our vehicles equipped with diagnostic technology, tools, and an assortment of spare parts to cover various possible complications. If the situation is an emergency, tell our representatives, as this will expedite our technician to your location. We can offer emergent forklift repair or scheduled routine maintenance of your fleet. On-site forklift repairs allow you to get our superior quality services without slowing down your production. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of
On-Site Service?

Maintaining and managing a fleet of forklifts is a challenging task. Consistent heavy use will eventually lead to wear and tear as with any machine. Routine maintenance is always required, but emergency repairs happen from time to time. When they do, call one of our experienced technicians to come out to your location. Our on-site forklift repair services help you maximize your bottom line and downtime by having the repair technician come to you. When our technicians arrive, ask about our routine preventative forklift maintenance plans. Here are some other pros and cons of using on-site forklift repairs:

  • Rapid Response – We offer expedited services for emergency repairs, allowing you to get your lift truck operational quicker.
  • Reduce Downtime – Transporting a vehicle to one of our locations is time-consuming and can put your vehicle out of commission longer. On-site forklift services allow better access to your machines when needed.
  • We’ll Have the Necessary Tooling – Our service vehicle comes equipped with diagnostic technologies and a wide variety of tools needed to service just about any complication involving a forklift.
  • May Not Have the Right Part – While we carry a wide selection of forklift parts, it does not guarantee that we’ll have the exact amount you need with us. This can cause unexpected delays.
  • Not Every Issue Can Be Fixed On-Site – Some forklift repairs need additional equipment that is not on our service vehicles. In this situation, we recommend having them taken to our nearest service location for repairs.

Florida’s Local Forklift Repair Experts

Ring Power Lift Tucks provides optimized solutions to get your forklifts working optimally while minimizing downtime. All our technicians are highly trained and experienced and have the know-how to identify and correct any complication quickly and efficiently. Utilizing our service vehicles, our technicians will have access to tools and parts needed to get your machines working again reliably. Any forklift service call we receive takes priority to our professionals, and we guarantee you'll receive on-site service on time. Call us to schedule a routine maintenance visit or request a technician to repair a damaged forklift.

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