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Ring Power Lift Trucks' Jacksonville forklift rental services are right for you when you need a forklift, but buying is impossible. As a forklift dealer, we rent a wide variety of forklifts to suit your specific needs. We have entirely electric forklifts that are highly maneuverable and completely free of any emissions. Then, we have our LP gas-powered forklifts powered by propane and can run indoors and outdoors without any additional accessories or preparation. We also have fully diesel-powered forklifts that are among the most powerful forklifts we carry. No matter what materials you are handling, we have a forklift for the situation.

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Ring Power Lift Trucks’ Forklift Rentals and Sales

Ring Power Lift Trucks is the premier Jacksonville forklift dealer. We have been in business here in Florida for 60 years. So, no one knows forklifts better than us. We strive to be your one-stop-shop for all your forklift needs. We sell forklifts to those who need a permanent hauling vehicle. We also rent forklifts for those that are not ready to buy yet. Additionally, we have a factory trained technicians that can perform any type of forklift service you may need, from preventative maintenance to complex repairs. Learn more about our sales, rentals, and other services.

Purchasing From a Jacksonville Forklift Dealer

If you know what type of forklift you need, the Jacksonville forklift dealers at Ring Power Lift Trucks can help you find that forklift at a reasonable price. We know that finding a forklift that meets your specific needs can be difficult, though. So, we can also help guide you through the process of finding a forklift for sale. You can visit our showroom or talk to a representative over the phone. We want to ensure that you find a forklift that is a perfect fit. However, if we need to perform repairs, we have an expert team for that.

Forklift Services:

From Maintenance to On-Site Repairs

Whether you own or are renting long-term, it is vital that you keep your forklift in good working order. The best way to do that is with regular maintenance and service. Ring Power Lift Trucks is a forklift dealer that also performs several types of maintenance. Our Jacksonville forklift rentals are always well maintained, but we have an extensive on-site repair team to complete repairs in no time flat if something should happen during your rental term. We also perform preventative maintenance, which most technicians recommend after every 250 hours of use. This way, you can prevent problems and catch them before they put your forklift out of commission.

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If you need any of our forklift services, we are happy to help anytime. If you need maintenance, we can perform it on-site. If you need a forklift for a specific period of time, we can rent one to you for however long you need. We also sell forklifts to those who need a permanent lift truck for themselves or their business. No matter what you need and no matter how long you need it, we are here to solve all your forklift and material handling problems. To get in touch with us, call us or fill out our Jacksonville forklift dealer contact form here.