Careers at Ring Power Lift Trucks

Start or Advance Your Career as a Forklift Technician at Ring POwer!

Are you looking for an exciting and rewarding career that offers stability and growth opportunities? Look no further than becoming a technician for Ring Power Lift Trucks! As a forklift technician, you'll be at the forefront of keeping businesses running smoothly by maintaining and repairing these indispensable machines. Embrace a career that combines technical prowess, problem-solving skills, and hands-on work, where every day brings new challenges and opportunities for personal growth and career dcevelopment.

Our technicians fill the most important roles at our company—your expertise is the reason we are able to live up to our claim of "Your Success is Our Business". That promise doesn't just apply to our customers—Ring Power is also dedicated to the development of every employee. We offer a top-of-class apprentice program, comprehensive training programs, and ongoing learning initiatives.


We believe that by nurturing and empowering our employees, we not only enhance their individual skills and knowledge but also cultivate a thriving and innovative workforce that drives the success of Ring Power.