5 Ways to Prevent Damage to your Forklift Forks

The forks on your forklifts are a vital part of the vehicle. If properly maintained they can last for years, but they don’t last forever. Over time, forks will bend crack or wear down. However, your operators can help to extend the life of your forks by incorporating the following practices at work:


Don’t Drag Your Heels

The weight of your loads is carried on the heels of your lift. Dragging the heels creates heat and can wear the surface of the metal. This can lead to cracks in the forks that can cause breaks and dropped loads.


Don’t Overload

Each forklift has a recommended maximum load capacity. If you attempt to lift loads that exceed that capacity, it puts undue stress on the forks and can cause dangerous stability issues. Keep your loads under that maximum capacity, and if you have a heavier load to move, use a bigger lift.


Don’t Push or Pry

Sometimes an operator will use the forks to push things along the floor or to pry something open.  Forklifts are designed to lift, not to push and not to pry. Such activities with the lift can cause the tips of the forks to bend or break and replacing them can be expensive in both lost production as well as the cost of the repairs. Bent tips and uneven forks are signs that the forks are being used in ways they aren’t designed for.


Don’t Hit the Ground

Letting your loads down slowly and easily will help to prolong the life of your forks. Lowering them down too fast and allowing the forks to strike the ground can cause breaks or cracks.  In addition, lowering a load too fast can cause accidents and can damage the load.


Use Both Forks

Always use both forks when lifting a load. Make sure that your load is evenly distributed over both forks. This will not only protect the forks from an overload but will serve to balance your loads to prevent accidents from instability.


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