How to Get the Most out of Your Forklift Rental

There are many benefits to owning forklifts, but renting has its advantages too, especially if your need for forklifts is seasonal or temporary. Another benefit is that you’re not responsible for servicing or maintaining the vehicles. But since you are paying for every day you have them, it’s good to know some tips for how to get the most out of your rental period. 


Assess Your Needs Carefully Before Renting


As with buying, it’s important that you rent the kind of forklift that’s appropriate for your needs, and the right number of forklifts. Speak to your managers and crew members about the particular needs of your business, the details of your work site, and the materials you’ll be handling.


Weight Capacity

Heavy materials require a strong forklift. Diesel forklifts are very strong, durable, and can handle rain and various terrains, but due to its noise and noxious fumes, it’s not suitable for warehouse or other indoor work environments. Your forklift rental service can tell you the weight capacity for every model. Compare that to the heaviest load the forklift will need to carry.


Size of Forklift

There are two aspects of forklift size you need to consider. 


  • Width - if you need a forklift to maneuver tight spaces, get a small model like an electric forklift. Diesel models tend to be too large for tight spaces.
  • Height - Forklifts come in different heights, and work spaces have different clearances. Ask your forklift rental services for the dimensions of the model you’re considering when it’s fully lowered. You can rent the greatest forklift in the world but it will do you no good if it can’t fit in the doorway.


Who’s Driving?


Before deciding on a model to rent, confirm who will be operating the forklift(s) and assess their skills. What models do they have experience with? Are they able to lug around a propane tank to refuel an LG powered forklift? Can they change out a heavy battery? Will they be working with someone who can? If not, consider a different fuel source. Diesel and CNG (compressed natural gas) models don’t require heavy lifting. Also, make sure that all certification or licensing considerations are handled well before the vehicles arrive, for all possible operators. 



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