Ensuring a Successful AGV System

More and more raw material storage facilities, assembly operations, and manufacturing warehouses are adopting automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems to improve safety, reduce labor costs, and boost efficiency.


In general, commissioning an AGV system can go one of two ways—quickly and smoothly with minimal fuss, or drawn-out and expensive with plenty of headaches. If you’re interested in a quick, smooth implementation process, follow these six steps.

Create a Plan

The better you understand your site and how your AGVs will operate, the more likely you are to anticipate and solve problems in advance. Answer these questions before ordering your automated guided vehicles:

  • What tasks do you need your AGVs to perform?
  • How many shifts will each AGV run per week? Are you looking for 24/7 operation?
  • Where will each vehicle park and charge?
  • What routes are best for productivity and safety when working around your staff?
  • How wide must the proposed path be to accommodate the automated guided vehicles you want?
  • Do your AGVs need to interact with automatic doors, elevators, or other equipment?
  • Does your Wi-Fi network require an upgrade?
  • What software will you use to manage your AGVs?

Involve Your Staff

Thorough AGV training is necessary for successful implementation. Keep these points in mind:

  • Communicate plans to adopt an AGV system with your staff to avoid stress and resentment.
  • Inform your staff when and how AGV commissioning will occur.
  • Select tech-savvy staff members to operate your AGVs and train them well.

Be Prepared to Problem-Solve

AGV commissioning usually comes with a few hiccups. Communicate with your integrator and staff, remain flexible, and adopt a problem-solving mindset to work through any setbacks you face while adopting this new technology.

Calibrate, Simulate & Test

Designate a test area and calibrate the vehicles to simulate preprogrammed travel paths. This is your chance to check functionality, solve traffic issues, and address other complications. Don’t underestimate the value of fine-tuning your system before deployment. Thorough testing can vastly reduce your stress level when commissioning day arrives.

Get the Timing Right

The final testing must occur with the AGVs deployed in their real-world positions. If you can’t pause your site’s production for this, consider scheduling the commission during a planned shutdown or long weekend. You will likely need startup assistance, so arrange this with your integrator in advance.

Utilize Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Once your new system is in motion, don’t hesitate to contact your AGV dealer with any questions, maintenance issues, or product support you require. You may plan to operate your vehicles during non-business hours, so 24-hour support is critical.


At Ring Power Lift Trucks, we are proud to be a Jungheinrich® AGV systems dealer, serving the Sunshine State for over 60 years. We can help you reimagine your warehouse for improved productivity today and in the years to come. For more information about automated guided vehicles and our flexible implementation solutions, please contact us at 877-544-5438.


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