What must be done daily before using a forklift?

Your forklift is the workhorse of your operation. If a forklift is down, it can slow production, and delay shipping. To keep your forklifts working as hard as they can, and to ensure the safety of your workers, they need to be properly cared for, and one of the ways to do that is to complete a checklist before starting the day’s operation. If your forklifts are used by multiple shifts, the following items should be checked before the start of every shift.


Fluid and Fuel Levels

Before checking fluids, make sure the lift is level. Check the oil, coolant, hydraulics, and water levels, and top any off. Also, check for fluid leaks under the truck.



Make sure all of the lights are working and replace any bulbs that have burned out.



A broken horn can cause collisions or injuries to pedestrians. Make sure the horn is working properly at all times.



Check to see if the tires are properly inflated by checking the pressure. Look for excessive wear such as cuts or gouges.


Check the Controls

Start the forklift and check the dash control panel. Make sure there are no unusual sounds and check the steering wheel. It should move smoothly in all directions. Also, check to see if it’s properly aligned.



Try the brakes and examine the brake pedal. If the rubber pad on the brake pedal is worn, the bare metal could begin to show through. An operator’s foot could easily slip off a worn brake pedal.



Check the seat position and mirrors and adjust them to suit the operator. This will allow the operator to sit comfortably with access to all the controls with maximum visibility all around the forklift.



If the forks are bent or cracked, they need to be repaired or replaced. Operating a forklift with damaged forks can cause accidents or injuries.


Tilt and Lift Mechanisms

Verify the tilt function is working by tilting the mast. Raise and lower the forks to their maximum height to check the lifting controls.



Make sure that the battery is fully charged and that there are no damaged wires or loose connections.


Verify Capacity Limits

Every forklift has a maximum weight that can be lifted. Make sure the operator is aware of the limit to avoid exceeding that limit.


Final Words

To ensure the safe operation of your forklifts, these checks must be performed every day before the beginning of every shift. Be sure that your operators are aware of the importance of these checks, and that no shortcuts are taken.


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