The Benefits of Forklift Trucks in Farming and Agriculture

If you run a farm or other agriculture business, utilizing the latest technology can help you boost productivity and increase yield. Forklift trucks have long played a role in farming, helping the industry grow and keep pace with increasing demand for plant and animal products. Take a look at how forklifts and farming go hand-in-hand.


Advantages of Forklift Trucks on the Farm

Employing a forklift fleet can save you tremendous time and effort working on your farm. Here are the benefits that await you:

  • Increase efficiency: The speed and accuracy of a forklift far surpass that of a typical farm worker. You’ll accomplish much more operating a forklift than attempting to do everything manually.
  • Improve safety: A major forklift benefit is that you forgo the need for heavy lifting and precarious ladders. Just make sure you receive proper training before attempting to operate a forklift on your farm.
  • Maximize vertical space: Forklifts can raise and lower heavy loads that would be far out of reach if you moved items by hand. This helps you fully utilize all the space in your barn, garage, or other storage location.

Forklift Farm Uses

You might be surprised to learn how versatile forklifts are in an agricultural setting. With the right forklift attachments, you can:

  • Transport hay bales: Weighing up to 2,000 pounds, hale bales are nearly impossible to move without the proper farm equipment. A hay bale forklift attachment makes transporting these farm staples as effortless as possible.
  • Lift and move other heavy objects: Animal feed, seedboxes, wine barrels, raw produce in wooden crates, equipment parts, fence posts, building materials—whatever you need to transport, you can do it with a forklift and the proper attachment.
  • Tow or push items: Less conventionally, you can use your forklift to tow trailers, machinery, and oversized loads. Be sure to follow safety procedures when using your forklift in this way to avoid accidents and injuries.
  • Clean animal enclosures: A forklift-driven sweeper is the fastest way to clean a barn floor, freeing up more time to work the fields.

Selecting an Agriculture Forklift for the Job

If you’re ready to add a forklift truck to your selection of farm equipment, you may not know where to begin. Start by finding a forklift dealer near you. This company will serve as an invaluable resource for forklift equipment data, safety information, EOM parts, and more.

Then, think about the tasks you want your forklift to perform. Here’s what to consider:

  • Load weights and dimensions
  • Lift height requirements
  • Whether your loads are palletized
  • Indoor vs. outdoor operation

At Ring Power Lift Trucks, we can help your farming business grow in size and productivity with the right forklift trucks from today’s top brands. We rent and sell new and used forklifts throughout Florida, drawing on over 60 years of experience to ensure your satisfaction. For more information about our agriculture forklift rentals, sales, parts, and services, please contact us at 877-544-5438.


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