Guide to Forklift Features

Most people who work in warehouses and other work environments with forklifts are familiar with their most basic features - the fork, the brake, the accelerator and gear shift. Fewer employees are familiar with all the other components of these vehicles. Here’s a handy guide to the features of forklifts.

In the Cab

Forward-Reverse Lever: Used to make a directional change

Lift Lever: Used to lift and lower the forks

Tilt Lever: Used to tilt the mast forward and backward. The tilting speed can be adjusted by the engine speed and the distance the lever is moved

Inching Brake Pedal: Located on the left side of the steering column, this works like a clutch pedal. Power disconnects when you lightly step on it. When you step harder, you engage the brake

Outside the Cab

Lift Cylinder: This powers the raising or lowering of the carriage and forks. Often hydraulically powered and only pushed in one direction

Overhead Guard: The forklift’s framework or roof, which protects the operator from falling objects

Tilt Cylinder: Similar to the lift cylinder, but controls the tilt movement of the carriage and the angle of the forks relative to the ground

Drive Wheels: Usually in the front, these are responsible for moving the machine

Steering Wheels: Located in the back of the lift, and usually smaller than the drive wheels

Counter Weight: This helps offset the load and keep the machine stable while lifting and traveling

Rating Plate: Contains information about the forklift’s maximum load capacity

Mast:  The vertical support that raises and lowers the load, in the front of the forklift. Hydraulic pistons move the carriage, connected to the mast

Carriage: A support structure in front of the mast where the forks attach or mount

Back Rest:  Protects the mast cylinder’s hoses and prevents items from falling through the mast towards the operator

Common Attachments

Fork Positioners: These move the forks closer together or farther apart hydraulically

Carton Clamp: Used to move large, rectangular boxes that do not need a pallet

Single-Double Pallet Handler:  This can carry one or two pallets, depending on the positioning of its four forks

Push/Pull: Used to move material on a slip sheet instead of a pallet

Sideshifters: These allow the forks to move in order to position them appropriately in line with the load


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