Benefits of Automation

One very exciting development for labor is the emergence of automated guided vehicles (AGV). Take a look at some of the benefits of AGV technology with Ring Power Lift Trucks.

Modern technology is continually and rapidly evolving and with this evolution, the way we do business is changing. One very exciting development for labor is the emergence of automated guided vehicles (AGV). Because they’re able to efficiently and accurately automate many tasks that were previously manual, they’re becoming an essential part of many industries, including distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and the military. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of AGV technology.

  • Perhaps the primary advantage of AGVs is that they’re less expensive than human workers. While they do require a high initial investment, in the long run they’re much cheaper. This is because, unlike people, they don’t need healthcare coverage, paid vacation and sick time, and salary increases. You don’t have to pay payroll taxes when you put an AGV in place. In fact, all you’re responsible for beyond the purchase of the AGV is its maintenance. What’s more, AGVs are efficient and reduce the number of employees necessary to run your operation.
  • An AGV is programmed for safety. In contrast to equipment run by human operators, they have sophisticated equipment like cameras, lasers, and sensors built in to make sure they’re operating safety around people and equipment. Additionally, AGVs don’t have human foibles. They don’t get distracted, and they never get tired.
  • You can easily phase AGVs into your operations. It’s not an all or nothing proposition. You can start with one or two AGVs and add more as needed. This lets you give the technology a try without making a substantial investment all at once. Eventually, the AGVs can be integrated into your warehouse management system for greater efficiency.
  • As numerous as the benefits of automation are, there are still some drawbacks. As touched upon earlier, one disadvantage of AGVs is the up-front cost. Another is their lack of flexibility. They’re great for doing repetitive tasks, but if you need to frequently change the way you do things, they might not be right for you.

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