Questions to Ask When Buying a Forklift

So, you’ve been working with a forklift rental company for a while, and you think you might be ready to take the plunge and buy a forklift. Forklifts are useful, and if you find that you’re spending more time renting a forklift than going without, buying might be a very good idea. It’s a big investment, though, so before you buy, there are some important questions you need to ask.


Start by asking questions related to the product.

  • What kind of engine will you need? Electric forklifts run on battery power, while internal combustion forklifts use different kinds of fuels.
  • Where will the forklift be driven? Whether you will drive it indoors are outdoors determines whether you need cushion tires, which work best on concrete, or pneumatic tires, which are well-suited for asphalt, dirt, and gravel.
  • How wide are the aisles where the forklift will be driven? For narrow aisle space, a 3-wheel or stand-up rider forklift will work, or you could choose a narrow aisle order picker or reach truck.
  • How many hours will the forklift be used? If you only need to use it a few hours a day, a used forklift will work for you, but if you’ll use it more than four hours a day, purchase a new one.
  • How much weight does it need to lift, and how high does it need to lift it? Buy a forklift that can handle more than your heaviest load, lifting it to your maximum height.
  • Is the forklift needed for loading and unloading trailers? If so, it needs to be a model designed for tight spaces.
  • Does it need to handle food? If so, an electric forklift avoids emissions.

Ask some questions about your business.

  • Should you rent the forklift you’re considering purchasing? Just as you wouldn’t buy a car you didn’t test drive, don’t buy a forklift you’ve never used. Request a demo or short-term rental to test it in your facility.
  • How important is brand loyalty? Maintaining a forklift fleet means your operators can move between vehicles easily. However, don’t let that stop you from making a change if something isn’t working for you.
  • What’s the forklift’s lifetime value? Choose a forklift you can afford over its lifetime, rather than just looking at the upfront cost.

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