Who Should get Forklift Training?

If you use forklifts for your business, whether in a warehouse or onsite, it’s imperative that the people operating the forklifts know what they’re doing. Not only that, but proper training is required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). So, who should get forklift training? Further, what must that training entail?



Any person who will be using a forklift on the job must be properly trained, because workers who use forklifts need to do so safely. Warehouse workers and manual laborers, including employees, contractors, and temporary workers, typically need forklift training. If you have a good training program in place for entry-level workers, you might not need to provide training for those who come to your company with prior forklift experience. An evaluation of each worker’s performance should be performed upon joining the team, and that evaluation can determine whether the new hires need training. While experienced workers may already be proficient in operating a forklift, they may need training on the new forklift or to acquaint them with your company’s warehouse or jobsite.

While they’re not required, basic forklift safety programs for employees who don’t operate forklifts are a good idea. The point of these programs is to make every worker in your employ aware of forklifts in the workplace, so that they can stay safe. When you implement this kind of program, it can improve your workplace safety record; 36 percent of forklift accidents involve pedestrians.

Forklift training is required by OSHA before a worker can operate a forklift in the workplace. But how often do forklift operators need a refresher? OSHA leaves this decision largely up to individual companies. Every three years, forklift operators must be reevaluated by a trainer, to determine whether they fully comply with OSHA standards. If they do, no further training is required. However, outside of the three-year evaluation, extra training may be mandated. For instance, any time operators begin using a new type of forklift, they are required by OSHA to have additional training. The same holds true for workers shifting to a new environment.

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