Forklift Truck Buying Guide

Is your Florida material handling business expanding? It could be time to buy new forklift trucks to help boost your output. Maybe you’ve never bought or rented a forklift before. 

Then again, perhaps you’re a veteran forklift owner with an out-of-date fleet. Either way, this guide can help you make the best investment for your material handling needs.

Find a Trustworthy Forklift Brand and Dealer

Buying a forklift is a two-part decision—choosing the truck itself and finding a reputable forklift dealer. Machines from trustworthy brands offer the best results, so look for names like Cat® Lift Trucks, Jungheinrich®, Mitsubishi Forklifts, Kalmar, Lift King, and others. The dealer you work with is vitally important as well because you will rely on them for ongoing service and support.

Think About What You Need

As you navigate the wide range of forklift products available, it’s important to know what you’re trying to accomplish. Considerations such as shelf height, aisle and door widths, and operating conditions can help you narrow down the selection of order pickers, pallet jacks, reach trucks, side-down riders, and other types of forklifts.


Consider that you may also need attachments. Equipment like fork extensions, telescopic booms, hook plates, lifting beams, drum snatchers, pole attachments, and more can help you get the job done. Before you feel overwhelmed by all your options, rest assured that a good dealer will help you figure it out.

Know What Power Source & Tires You Need

The two primary power sources for forklifts are electricity and internal combustion engines. Dual fuel models are also available. In general, electric forklifts are used indoors, while those with combustion engines are reserved for outdoor applications. Tire choices are also based on the operating environment. For indoor use, choose cushion or polyurethane tires. For outdoor settings, opt for pneumatic tires.

Decide Between New and Used Forklifts

New trucks come with a guarantee, service package, and certified dealer to rest your mind at ease. However, buying high-quality used and reconditioned forklifts lowers the impact on your budget. If you opt for used machines, be sure to consider their age, service hours, maintenance history, and overall condition.

Decide Whether to Rent or Buy Forklifts

If your work is seasonal or short-term and you want to reduce maintenance costs, renting might be best. But for year-round or long-term work, you should consider buying for greater customizability and a better return on investment. A good strategy is to rent the truck you’re interested in before buying. This way, you can test it out and make sure it meets your needs.


Ring Power Lift Trucks serves the Sunshine State with over 60 years of experience. We sell new and used forklifts and offer short- and long-term forklift rentals throughout Florida. Not only can we help you choose the best forklifts for the job, but we can also serve as a reliable parts and service partner for years to come. To find out more about our forklift rentals, sales, and services, please contact us at 877-544-5438.


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