Forklifts for Farming and Agriculture

When you picture farming equipment, you probably think of tractors or combines, but do forklifts come to mind? If not, they should! Agriculture and farming forklifts help farmers, nursery operators, and livestock owners in Florida speed up production and reduce labor costs for a more competitive edge. Having the palletized inventory necessary for forklift processing also increases storage space and keeps things organized.

If you’re looking for farming and agriculture forklifts, use the information here to help you understand what equipment you need.

Applications for Forklifts on a Farm

Think of the time and labor you can save by having a machine lift and transport heavy parcels around the farm! The right forklift and attachments can move:

  • Hay bales
  • Animal feed
  • Pro boxes of seed
  • Raw produce in wooden bins
  • Wine barrels
  • Fence posts and other building materials
  • Equipment parts

Best Farming and Agriculture Forklifts

When looking for forklifts to add to your agricultural vehicle fleet, prioritize these characteristics:

  • Rough terrain: Make sure the forklift is rated for rough- or all-terrain use if you plan to operate the machine outside. This means the truck will be outfitted with rugged pneumatic tires designed to traverse uneven ground and endure dusty conditions.
  • 4-wheel-drive: Forklifts come in 2- and 4-wheel-drive configurations. For the best handling and tightest turns in difficult conditions, consider a 4-wheel-drive machine.
  • High ground clearance: This feature makes hills, mounds, and potholes less challenging for a forklift to navigate.
  • Adequate lifting capacity and height: Consider what you need to move and where you need to move it. For instance, if you plan on transporting pro boxes of seed weighing around 2,500 lbs, a forklift with a 3,000 lb capacity should be sufficient. Still, capacities are available up to 55,000 lbs to help you move the heaviest of loads.

Agriculture and Farming Forklift Attachments

Forklift attachments help you get more done on the farm. Here are some of the most popular industry-specific attachments for farmers and nursery workers:

  • Single-double attachments: This addition to your farming forklift allows you to move twice as many pallets at once. Fewer trips mean greater efficiency and a better bottom line.
  • Dumpers: Forward bin-dumpers and side-dumping rotators are useful for processing harvested produce.
  • Bale handlers: Choose from bale grabs, bale spikes, and other handling methods to move cumbersome hay bales with ease.
  • Yard scrapers: Available in various sizes and configurations, yard scrapers are ideal for clearing waste and other materials from relatively flat yards and fields.

At Ring Power Lift Trucks, we can help keep your farming business growing strong! Ditch your inefficient, outdated farming equipment, and maximize productivity with agriculture forklifts from some of today’s top brands. We rent and sell new and used forklifts throughout Florida, drawing on over 60 years of experience to ensure your satisfaction. For more information about our agriculture forklift rentals, sales, parts, and services, please contact us at 877-544-5438.


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