Choosing a Forklift Dealer Versus a Rental House for Your Rental Needs

Forklifts are an integral part of many industries and the selection of the forklift best suited to your needs can be confusing. In addition to the many different types of forklifts and related accessories, you may need professional guidance to help you make the right decision.


Forklifts are very expensive, and if you’re not absolutely certain as to the type or size forklift you need, you may want to rent. Renting offers a number of benefits including selection, cost savings, technical support, operator training ,and many more.


If you’ve decided to rent, you will have two main options as to where to go for your rental-a forklift dealer or a rental house. Before you make a decision, consider the advantages offered by renting from an authorized forklift dealer:


Largest Selection

When it comes to buying a car, you’ll often hear dealers advertising that they have the largest selection in town of whatever brand they’re selling.  While rental houses will have a few different models of forklifts to choose from, your local dealer will have virtually every model their manufacturers make, so your selection is much greater. In addition, many dealers represent more than one equipment company, and this provides you with an even broader selection of equipment.


Flexible Terms

Your local forklift dealer will allow to rent by the day, week, month or longer, and can arrange for lease options not available from a rental house. If you find that the forklift you rented isn’t exactly the model you need, or if you need additional equipment, your forklift dealer can replace the lift with a different model or provide you with additional equipment as your needs change.


Get The Right Equipment

A forklift dealer is your best source for information as to the equipment you’ll need as well as the latest technological advances available. The support teams available at your dealership are trained on each model of the equipment and for which applications it’s best suited. Renting from the dealer ensures that you’ll get the right equipment every time.


Try it Before You Buy It

If you’re not sure as to the particular forklift you need, renting from a dealer will allow you to try out different models. Once you’ve used them in your business, you’ll know if you’ve made the right selection. If the first one you rented isn’t exactly right for you, your dealer can replace it with a different model.


Rent to Own

Forklifts are expensive and can tie up significant amounts of operating capital that you may need for other facets of your business. Rent to own options make it possible for you to try out equipment for later purchase.


Operator Training

An equipment dealer can provide the most up to date training for your equipment operators.


Fast Delivery

Because they carry a large inventory of different types of equipment, the dealer can offer quick delivery to your job siet or business to prevent production slowdowns.



Forklift dealers will vouch for the quality of their rental equipment because it’s backed up by the manufacturers. Forklift dealers will typically be renting newer equipment than rental houses, so you can take advantage of the latest technologies.


Technician Support

Technical support is offered from your forklift dealer from factory trained experts. They can respond quickly to any support needs that you have with the most up to date techniques, tools, and information.


Final Words

When it comes to renting a forklift or any other piece of heavy equipment, you have many options. Because of the selection of various types of equipment offered by rental houses, you may think that they’re your best choice. However, the many advantages of dealing with an authorized forklift dealer, representing several different manufacturers, give the forklift dealers a decided edge over even the largest rental houses.


If you have any questions or concerns about choosing a forklift for your business, you should check with the professionals at Ring Power Lift Trucks. We are the premier forklift dealer in Florida with a broad range of forklifts as well as other materials handling equipment. We represent all of the leading forklift manufacturers and can work with you to select a new or used forklift for your operation. We also offer short term and long term forklift rentals. We serve Jacksonville, Sarasota, and many other locations in Florida, and our service go beyond sales and rentals. We can also supply you with forklift parts and service to minimize your downtime.


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