Five Major Benefits of Electric Forklifts

Historically, forklifts have been powered by gasoline, diesel fuel, or LP Gas. These fuel systems provided the lifts with power and speed, as well as high lift and climbing capabilities. They needed to be run all day, every day with little or no downtime, and they needed to be able to function inside or outside in all kinds of weather. Given these requirements, electric forklifts seemed inadequate, but that has changed in recent years.


Advances in technology have enabled manufacturer of electric forklifts to meet these operational challenges, and electric forklifts are gaining popularity as a viable alternative to internal combustion powered lifts.


If your operation depends on the use of forklifts, there are some compelling reasons why you should be using electric forklifts. Take a look at these five major benefits of using electric forklifts instead of internal combustion powered trucks.


Zero Emissions

An electric forklift produces no CO2 emissions, so they’re environmentally friendly. They produce no harmful fumes for your operators or other nearby workers to breathe in, and no harmful greenhouse gases.


Operating Costs

Electric forklifts are cheaper to operate and maintain. An electric forklift costs less for fuel, requires less maintenance as they have fewer moving parts, need fewer fluids to replace like engine oil, coolant, and filters, and have considerably fewer lost hours from maintenance downtime and breakdowns.


Space Considerations

Electric forklifts don’t require expensive specialty tools or a stockpile of spare parts to maintain. They also don’t require special fuel storage areas for safely storing flammable fuels. They only require an electrical outlet to plug into and a small area to store a spare battery that sits on charge.


Quieter Operations

Electric forklifts are extremely quiet when compared to internal combustion trucks. In fact, the only noises they make are the sounds of the tires rolling on the floor and the warning sounds when they’re backing up. This reduces noise pollution at your facility.



Because of the weight of the batteries in an electric forklift, the truck has a lower center of gravity, making it more stable that other trucks. In addition, modern electric forklifts have regenerative braking systems. That means that the truck will stop as soon as the operator takes his or her foot off of the accelerator. Both of these advantages make electric forklifts safer to operate.


Ask the Pros

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