Why Electric Forklifts are the Best Choice for Indoor Applications

Forklifts are an integral part of many businesses and come in a wide variety of sizes, weight capabilities, and configurations. One variable when deciding on forklift models is the type of fuel they use. In the past most forklifts ran on gasoline, diesel fuel, or liquified petroleum, but electric forklifts are becoming increasingly popular with business owners for a number of reasons, especially when they’re used indoors.


Zero Emissions

This is very important when operating a forklift indoors. Of the other types of fuel sources, only propane or natural gas fueled forklifts can be used indoors. Even if your facility has adequate ventilation, the emissions can be unpleasant at best and dangerous at worst. Gasoline or diesel fueled forklifts should never be used indoors, as the fumes can be very dangerous.


Environmental Concerns

Since an electric forklift has zero emissions, it can reduce carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide from being discharged into the atmosphere. Electric forklifts produce far less heat than forklifts with internal combustion engines. Because they have no exhaust pipes, there’s no danger of a worker being burned by coming into contact with a hot pipe. 


When an internal combustion lift stops, its motor continues to run. With an electric forklift, the engine automatically cuts off when the machine is stopped. The electric forklift will also automatically decelerate when the operator releases the accelerator.


Sound Abatement

Electric forklifts are very quiet, much quieter than any type of forklift that has an exhaust system. Electric forklifts are so quiet that many of them are equipped with travel alarms to alert others that the lift is near.



Electric forklifts are more economical to operate than lifts powered by any other fuel. If you’re using a propane fueled forklift, it can use more than one tank of gas per day. The batteries on electric forklifts can be recharged fairly quickly, and by utilizing opportunity charging, an electric forklift can be used all day. An example of opportunity charging would be when the operator plugs the lift into a charging source when the lift is not in use, as when the operator is on a break. Opportunity charging keeps the battery charged all day, the battery is charged again overnight, and the lift can stay in continuous service with no downtime for refueling.


Lower Maintenance Costs

Electric forklifts require very little maintenance, mainly because they have far fewer moving parts than lifts with internal combustion engines. Electric motors have a rotor that spins within a stator supported by bearings. There’s no crankcase oil to change, no coolant to flush, and no engine filters to change.


Smaller Footprint

Real estate is expensive, and an electric forklift can save space in your facility. Electric motors are very dependable, based on the number of moving parts as well as advance electrical technology. They don’t require a stockpile of spare parts or a fuel storage area. They only require an AC power port to plug into and a small area to host a spare battery that sits on charge.


Advances in Technology

When electric forklifts were first introduced, they ran on direct current electric motors. These DC motors were underpowered and drew power from the available battery voltage. The motor’s power output was reduced as the battery’s charge was depleted, so the machine got weaker as the shift progressed.


Modern electric forklifts run on alternating current power systems. These AC motors run with consistent power and performance while the battery voltage declines, so the operator can expect the forklift to operate at full power for an entire shift. AC motors are very energy efficient and their performance is increased by advances in battery technology.


Final Words

If you are considering the purchase or rental of a forklift, the advantages of electric battery and motor technology make a strong case for you to choose an electric forklift. 


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