Forklift Pedestrian Safety Tips

Your workers are your most precious resource. If they’re working in an environment which includes powerful machines such as forklifts, you need to have serious safety protocols in place at all times. Here are some tips to help you maintain the safe coexistence of forklifts and pedestrians. 


Maintain Your Equipment - Forklifts must be carefully inspected before each use, using a checklist that includes brakes, steering, tires, cables, fluids, and other essential elements. Don’t delay repairs or maintenance tasks. 


Mark the Floor - Lay careful markings on the floor of your work space to create lanes, boundaries and flow of traffic designations that can help avoid accidents. Make sure the markings are highly visible. You don’t want employees walking into the path of an oncoming forklift. Clear signage is also necessary.


Right of Way - Forklift operators should always yield right of way to pedestrians. Despite this, pedestrians should be trained to not assume that they are seen by the operator, who can be distracted. 


Safe and Sound - Every forklift should have a working horn that is activated before it reaches an intersection, as well as a reverse alarm. Pedestrians should be instructed to listen for these sounds, as well as the sound of forklift engines. Diesel engines are loud but electric forklifts, more common indoors, are very quiet. Operators and pedestrians should all be made aware of this. 


Hand Signals - Due to the noise in many work environments, operators and pedestrians should have a well-understood system of hand gestures in order to communicate. This includes the basics such as stop and go, but also gestures for operators indicating turning left or right, and pedestrians indicating where they intend to go. 


Maintain Visibility - Operators should maintain 360 degree visibility whenever possible. If their load is blocking their forward view, they should travel in reverse. Forklift mirrors should be adjusted properly, and convex mirrors can be placed at blind turns to avoid accidents. 


Use Proper Accessories and Attachments - Off-brand additions to your forklift can save you money but they can also pose a risk. Read reviews, test equipment extensively before use, and buy official accessories and attachments whenever possible. 



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