Forklift safety training tips for your warehouse

Safety training is one of the most important jobs in any business, but it’s particular vital in a warehouse setting. With forklifts moving heavy loads around, the chances of accidents are everywhere, but with constant training and retraining of your workers, you can help to reduce the frequency or severity of accidents.

Here are some tips that will help to keep your warehouse or dock safe for everyone in the area:

Trained Operators

Only fully trained operators are allowed to use a forklift, even it the task at hand is just to move it out of the way.  Each operator needs to be fully trained on the equipment including knowing the limitations and load restrictions of the lift.


Safety Equipment

Depending on the jobsite, seat belts, safety goggles, hard hats, steel toed shoes, high visibility vests, hearing and sight protection may be required.



All areas of the workplace need to be well lit, and the area should be free of clutter, so that everyone can have high visibility.



All pedestrians in the work area should have an understanding of the hazards and the risks involved with working in an area where forklifts are also operating. Creating designated walkways or travel ways can separate pedestrians from forklift traffic.


Idle Machines

If a forklift is turned off, make sure that the operator removes the key when leaving the lift.


Forward Line of Sight

The properly trained forklift operator should know that if they can’t see clearly in front of them, that they shouldn’t move forward. If the load you’re carrying obstructs your forward vision, you should have a lookout to help you navigate. In addition, using the horn can alert other workers that you’re in the vicinity.


Flight Departure Checklist

Airline pilots go through an extensive checklist before they fire up those engines.  Likewise a forklift operator should complete a safety checklist before starting their shift to make sure that the lift is prepped and ready for takeoff.


No Hitchhikers

Never give a ride to other workers unless the lift is outfitted with a second seat. Under no circumstances should a person be allowed to ride on the forks.


Accidents happen, but with proper training and retraining, many of them can be avoided.


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