Choosing the best forklift energy source for your fleet size

Modern forklifts can be operated by a number of different power sources and choosing the right type for your business can be a challenge. To help you with your decision, here are some major factors to consider.

Run Time

Because different operations use their forklifts for longer or shorter periods of time, it’s important to determine how often the forklift will need recharging or refueling.


Maintenance and Operating Temperatures

Not all power sources are created equal when it comes to maintenance. The average temperatures in which you operate your forklifts can determine the best source of power. This is especially important if your equipment has to work in extreme heat or extreme cold temperatures.


Space Constraints

To operate successfully in our current business environment requires as much efficiency as possible. This applies to the efficient use of your real estate. When choosing the power source for your forklifts, keep in mind the amount of space each type may occupy.


Labor Availability

Maintaining your fleet of forklifts and their power sources requires labor. If your fleet isn’t properly maintained, your bottom line will suffer as you have to repair or replace components. Some power sources will require more or less maintenance than others and depending on the availability of a trained maintenance crew, you may opt for models that require less attention.


Availability and Cost of Electricity

If your business is in a rural area, your choice of power sources may create insufficient capacity which would require costly upgrades. If you’re in an urban or suburban area, your power may be interrupted with brown outs during peak usage times. This might require you to stagger your working hours to deal with these outages or incur higher charges at certain times of the day.


Emissions and Carbon Footprint

Government regulations, strict standards for airborne pollutants or  your company’s sustainability initiatives may heavily influence your choice of power options for  your fleet. These factors can often mandate that you use the greenest option available, even though they might not be the best option from a financial standpoint.


Every company is unique in its operations and power needs. In making these important decisions, you need to carefully analyze every aspect of how your forklift fleet works.


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