8 Things to Look for When Buying a Used Rough Terrain Forklift

Today, rough terrain forklifts are the preferred material handling equipment for farms, construction sites, military outputs, and other rugged outdoor settings. As you search for an affordable rough terrain forklift, you may have the opportunity to buy or rent a used one.

Opting for used equipment is a budget-friendly way to expand your fleet, but it’s wise to thoroughly inspect any used forklift you find before finalizing your purchase or rental. Here are eight key components to examine.

  1. Forklift age and maintenance history: Before conducting visual and functional inspections, ask the seller about the forklift’s age and total hours used. The more years and service hours a forklift has under its belt, the more likely it is to have issues. Be sure to ask for maintenance records, especially if the used forklift is more than five years old.
  2. Warranty coverage: Knowing how long the warranty lasts, what it includes, and whether the equipment is still covered are critical factors when buying a used forklift. If the warranty is still valid, make sure the seller transfers it to you as part of the sale.
  3. Forks: Used rough terrain forklifts are particularly prone to misuse, so examine the forks for cracks, bends, or distortions that might reveal if the machine was ever overloaded or abused.
  4. Mast rails and hydraulics: Check the entire length of the mast for cracks or welded repairs. Then, examine the cylinders for leaks and check the hydraulic hoses and lift chains for equal tension distribution and signs of excessive wear.
  5. Frame and canopy: Walk around the forklift and check the body for damage. Pause to examine the canopy supports for bends or wear that could become a safety hazard in the event of a dropped load or rollover.
  6. Tires: Rough terrain forklift tires tend to take a beating, so inspect them for gashes, missing chunks of tread, and sidewall damage.
  7. Engine compartment: Open the engine compartment and check for dirt buildup, cracked hoses, or leaks. Note the oil condition and level on the dipstick. When inspecting an electric forklift, check that all battery connections are in good condition.
  8. Cab and overall operation: Step into the cab. First, make sure the operator’s seat is stable and scrutinize the cab interior. Then, start up the forklift and listen for any odd sounds. Test the hydraulic levers and check for smooth operation. Drive the forklift forward, backward, and in a figure-eight pattern, noting its steering and braking responsiveness. Check all other controls as well, such as the rear backup alarm and floodlights, if included.

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