6 Questions to Ask Before You Rent a Forklift

Renting a forklift offers many advantages over buying one, not the least of which is the price of a new forklift. Renting allows you to use much needed operating capital for other facets of your business and gives you a great deal of flexibility. Before you rent however, here are six important questions you should ask yourself or your forklift dealer or rental company.


  1. When should I rent?

    There comes a time when renting a forklift makes sense. Here are a few examples:

    - If you have a project where you’ll only need the equipment for a short period of time
    - If you want to try a few different models to make sure you’re getting the lift that does the best job for you
    - If you have a temporary surge in business that requires additional equipment

  2. What kind of forklift do I need?

    To select the right forklift, you need to provide your dealer with important information:

    - How much weight you want to be lifting
    - How high your loads need to be lifted
    - How much space your lift will have to turn around in your facility
    - How wide the aisles in your warehouse or business are
    - How long your forks need to be
    - Where you plan to operate your forklift

  3. What kind of fuel will I need?

    Forklifts can be run on gasoline, diesel fuel, propane, liquified petroleum (LP), compressed natural gas (CNG) or they can be completely electric.  If you’re operating your forklift inside, you’ll need to go with one of the LP, propane, CNG, or electric models. The lifts that run on gasoline or diesel fuel produce dangerous emissions, so those machines can only be used outdoors.

  4. How long will you need the forklift?

    Most forklift rental rates are based on a single shift, 40 hour work week operation. If you run multiple shifts or plan to use the lift for more than 5 days a week, your rental charges may be higher than anticipated. Make sure to discuss all of this with the dealer.

  5. Do I have a trained operator?

    OSHA requires that anyone operating a forklift has to be fully trained. If you don’t have a trained operator, you need to find out if the dealer will provide that training.

  6. What’s included in the rental agreement, and what’s NOT included?

    Go over the rental agreement very carefully and discuss it in detail with the rental company or dealer. Find out if the following are included in the rental charges:

    - Delivery-is there a separate delivery charge and if so, is pickup provided at the end of the rental period?
    - Maintenance-is routine maintenance included in the rental charges, or will that be your responsibility
    - Repairs-if the forklift breaks down, who’s responsible, and how long will it take to repair or replace it?
    - Fuel-is the cost of fuel included in the rental?
    - Training-can the rental facility or dealer provide training to more than one operator if needed, and will that come with an extra charge?
    - Late fees or overtime charges-if you return the equipment later than the date and time specified in the contract, how is that handled? Also, if the forklift is used for more than 8 hours per day, will you incur any extra expense?


Final Words

There are many situations in your business that may require the use of a forklift, either temporarily, or for a longer period of time. Based on your particular needs, renting the equipment may be the most viable option, but you should be careful to ask a lot of questions before you sign a contract.


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