8 Overlooked Forklift Parts that Can Break

Forklifts are the workhorses of your warehouse. They are used all day, every day, and like all machines, they need routine maintenance to keep them operating safely and efficiently. While you expect parts like brakes, tires, and forks to need repairs or replacement, there are other parts that need maintenance but are frequently overlooked. Here are some of those parts that may not seem that important until they fail.


Spark Plugs

For your forklift to work properly, the spark plugs have to fire each and every time. Occasionally, a spark plug may misfire, but if you’re not diligent about regularly replacing the spark plugs, you could cause damage to your engine requiring costly repairs.


Forklift Horn

The forklift horn lets people know where the forklift is and where it’s going. You’ll never know that your forklift horn is broken until you try to use it and it doesn’t work. That could cause a collision with another lift or worse, an injury to a pedestrian.


Brake Pedals

Brakes wear out, but so do brake pedals. The rubber pad on the brake pedal is prone to wear and if not replaced, the bare metal under the pad could be exposed. This could cause the operators foot to slip off the pedal causing a collision.


Seat Belts

If you notice a frayed seat belt, you need to replace it. A frayed belt could break and cause serious injury to your forklift operator.



Hydraulic hoses can develop cracks that will decrease pressure in the engine, slowing down your operation. Watch of any signs of wear and tend to those hoses before they leak or break.


Emergency Brake

Like your car, your forklift has an emergency brake. Since it’s used infrequently, or maybe never, it’s often overlooked until it’s actually needed when the regular brakes fail. If the emergency brake doesn’t work in that scenario, there could be a collision and/or injuries.


Forklift Keys

Your forklift came with at least one spare key, so if a key is lost, it’s no big deal. But what if the key breaks off in the lock? If that happens your forklift is out of commission until you get the lock and key repaired. Look for signs of wear on your keys.



Over time, forklift chains can stretch, and this can cause your forks to drag on the ground. This will lessen the life of the forks and slow down the forklift. Adjusting the chains during routine maintenance can prolong their life and the life of your forks.


Final Words

A regular schedule of routine maintenance for your forklifts is important and is in fact required to comply with industry safety standards. While performing such maintenance, don’t overlook these often neglected parts.


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