Which Type of Forklift Should You Rent?

When choosing a forklift, you need special insight to find the most productive and cost effective machine. Of course, you’ll need to consider size and power source, but you also need to take into consideration a number of other factors that will shape your ultimate decision.



The first consideration is to determine how you intend to use your forklift. Will you be using the lift indoors, outdoors, or both? Will you be running the machine on smooth or rough surfaces or a combination of the two? What types of loads will you be moving, and how high does the lift have to reach?


To help you in your quest, here are some factors to review:


Load Capacity

One of the most important options is load capacity. Choosing a lift with inadequate capacity will be a big mistake so you need to know the weight of loads, the heaviest load you’ll need to lift, and the width of your loads.


Type of Loads

In addition to the size and weight, the type of load is important. Some loads will require specialized attachments to move the loads most efficiently.


Lift Height

An important consideration is lift height. There are forklifts than can reach heights of up to 20 feet, but you may not need that height. Also, the lift height may be limited by the height of the ceilings in your facility or any low hanging lights, pipes, beams, etc. in your work areas.


Fuel Types

Forklifts are available with several different power sources. There are internal combustion models that run on gasoline, diesel fuel, propane, liquified petroleum (LP), or compressed natural gas (CNG), and there are fully electric models. If you’re going to using your forklift indoors, you can’t use gas or diesel models as the exhaust fumes are hazardous.


Internal Combustion Forklifts

The main benefit of the internal combustion lifts if their ability to operate in any environment. They have much higher capacity ratings, and they can be refueled quickly. The gas or diesel versions can only be operated outdoors, even if your facility has adequate ventilation, whereas the LP, propane, or CNG models can be safely used indoors.


Electric Forklifts

The fully electric forklifts have one major advantage and that is zero emissions. They can be safely used indoors and are much quieter than the forklifts fueled by LP, propane, or CNG. They require very little maintenance but recharging their batteries takes longer than merely changing out a fuel tank.


Tire Selection

There are three main types of tires found on forklifts:

  • Cushion Tires are composed of solid rubber and are directly pressed onto the wheel. They sit lower to the ground and offer a smaller turning radius, which provides an advantage in maneuverability. Cushion Tires are primarily suited for indoor or paved applications use as they can struggle on uneven surfaces like gravel.
  • Pneumatic Tires (Solid) are designed of solid rubber, much like a cushion tire and are the most common tire on the market today. Solid pneumatic tires are commonly used for a combination of indoor and outdoor applications. However, solid pneumatic tires do not offer the same comfortable ride a cushion tire does across paved surfaces. The initial investment is higher, but they are practically indestructible and have a very long life.
  • Pneumatic Tires (Air Filled) are designed of rubber, but are air filled much like a car or truck tire. They have a deep tread and are made of strong, long-lasting rubber material. These tires are better for rough, outdoor terrain.


Types of Forklifts

There are several different types of forklifts, and each has its own capabilities. Some are operated by hand, some have electric motors, and some are designed for specific applications such as order picking. The various lifts include those where the operator walks behind the truck, while other have the operator riding on the back of the truck or in a cab.


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