How Will Your Company Benefit from a Long-term Forklift Rental

Ring Power Lift Trucks offers long-term forklift rentals that provide your company with a reliable machine without the costly expenditure and commitment of purchasing new equipment.


The Benefits of Long-term Forklift Rental

How You Can Optimize Your Business With Forklift Rental

A forklift may be an essential tool in your company’s operations, but buying one may not be a practical investment. That’s where Ring Power Lift Trucks comes in. 


Reasonable Fixed Payments 

If you intend on renting a forklift for six months or longer, the cost of your rental will depend on several variables, such as expected work hours, the type of forklift needed, and operating conditions. However, long-term rentals are available at reduced rates and eliminate the need to save for repairs, as your rental fee covers all maintenance. 


Eliminate Your Standby Equipment & Service Department 

When a forklift breaks down, companies typically have backup equipment and a service department that comes to the rescue, which increases overhead. Eliminate the need for stand-by equipment and service departments when you rent a long-term forklift, as our rental fleet can supply you with immediate replacement and maintenance without additional expenditure.


Keep Your Company Credit Positive

Lenders will have access to your credit and expenses when your business needs to borrow money to increase operations. Opting to rent a long-term forklift gives your company a clear credit line and a better chance of being approved for loans. Saving money with affordable rental payments also allows you to invest in more profitable business expenses.


Flexible Trade-in Options 

Long-term forklift rentals enable you to see what types of fleets work best for your company’s operations and to stay ahead of your business's changing demands. If your chosen rental does not perform to your liking or no longer serves your operational needs, there are flexible options to switch machinery types during or after your contract period.


Tax Deductible Rental Payments 

There may be tax deductions for your forklift rental. Forklifts are considered essential to your operation; therefore, your rental fee is deemed a tax-deductible business expense. This tax deduction can improve your company’s bottom line and eliminate costly tax ramifications and complex depreciation schedules during tax season.


Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line 

Your company spends enough revenue fulfilling mandatory expenses - don’t lose more of your bottom line by purchasing a forklift when you can save money with a long-term forklift rental. Not only will you reduce overhead expenses, but your company can generate profit by trading in your current fleet and using our forklift rental service.


Choose Ring Power Lift Trucks for Your Forklift Rental 

If you’re ready for a dependable machine that benefits your company’s overhead, bottom line, and peace of mind, Ring Power Lift Trucks has the forklift equipment you need. With a rental fleet of more than 400 forklifts, we have a forklift model to suit every business’ unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive forklift selection and flexible rental options.


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