Uses of Electric Forklifts

Electric forklift sales and rentals have been growing in market share for years, and now dominate the market. There are many reasons that electric models have overtaken diesel and other internal combustion forklifts. They offer greater efficiency. They don’t emit carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.

They don’t make the air unsafe for indoor workers. They have fewer moving parts to worry about, and no fluids to change. They’re less noisy, causing less distraction and fatigue for workers. Electric forklift offerings are also diversifying, allowing them to fill more roles in more industries. Here’s a look at all the various classes and uses of electric forklifts.


Class I - Electric Motor Counterbalance Trucks

Available with either cushion or pneumatic tires, these electric forklifts are used in the distribution, manufacturing, and food & beverage industries. They’re available in a variety of sizes for various applications, and are compliant with strict air quality standards.


Class II - Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks 

Designed to work in tight spaces, these electric forklifts can be fitted with various attachments for specific capacities in the retail, manufacturing and distribution industries. This forklift class includes order pickers, reach trucks, side leaders, stand up riders and turret trucks.


Class III - Electric Hand or Hand/Rider Trucks

Known as the “operator’s first assistant,” these small trucks transport materials that require low lifts, and are most often used for short distances in warehouses. They’re commonly used in the retail, distribution, and food & beverage industries. 


Class VI - Electric Tractors

These are called “tuggers” because they’re more often used for pulling rather than lifting. They’re commonly used in airports and hospitals, and by the automotive industry.


Specialty - Very Narrow Aisle 

Used in the distribution, manufacturing and food & beverage industries, very narrow aisle electric forklifts are multi-directional and have a very tight turning radius. 


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