What Forklift Parts are Replaced Most Often?

Like cars, trucks, and SUVs, forklifts require many replacement parts to keep them in good operating condition throughout their lifetime. Learn which ones are replaced most often so you can keep a stock of replacement parts on hand for routine maintenance and repairs.

Lift Truck Forks

While constructed of heavy-duty materials, the forks on your lift truck may wear out eventually. Cracks, bends, and distortions may develop if you misuse or overload your forklift, so be sure to adhere to its capacity limits. Replacing the forks before they experience extreme wear and tear is the key to ensuring a safe work environment.

Masts & Lift Chains

A forklift’s forks are attached to a mast and its accompanying chains. These components are what raise and lower the forks, transporting loads around all day, every day. Due to the stress of lifting and holding such heavy weights, masts and chains are two forklift parts that are replaced most often.

Forklift Brakes

The importance of reliable forklift brakes is undeniable. If the brakes give out, collisions, injuries, and product damage could occur. Regular forklift maintenance helps uncover signs of deterioration, so you can replace the brakes before they become a safety hazard.

Forklift Oil & Air Filters

If you operate internal combustion engine (ICE) forklifts, you should replace the oil and air filters at the recommended intervals to maintain efficiency and avoid engine damage. If you find that your forklifts’ air filters become dirty at an accelerated rate, consider investing in solutions to keep your warehouse or other work setting less dusty.

Forklift Tires

Flat or blown tires can lead to accidents and downtime. To prevent these issues, maintain your forklift tires regularly and replace them if you notice signs of damage, such as chunking, tearing, or balding. You may need to replace rough terrain tires more often than those used strictly indoors.

Forklift Batteries

ICE forklifts use a battery to start the engine, while electric forklifts run entirely on battery power. A dead or undercharged battery prevents the forklift from operating. Therefore, it’s wise to keep a few spare forklift batteries on hand to avoid downtime.

Forklift Hoses

Forklifts utilize several types of hoses, including mast hoses, power steering hoses, and reservoir tank hoses. These parts contain hydraulic fluid and oil essential to the lift truck’s function, which may be hazardous if spilled. Routine inspections should include examining all forklift hoses and replacing any that become deteriorated before they develop leaks or cracks.


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