Jungheinrich's EJE-120 is a 4,500 lbs. capacity electric pallet jack perfect for loading and unloading trailers, as well as moving loads over short and medium distances in warehouse or manufacturing facility.

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standard: 3-Year Battery Warranty

The EJE 120 walkie pallet jack is the industry's longest running walkie. Proven to run longer and move up to 34% more pallets on one charge than the competition, changing the way you move materials. [ Download Battery Warranty Details ]

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Watch this short video to see how Jungheinrich EJE-120 helps advance customer operations with the EJE 120 walkie series' unique technology and features.


The Jungheinrich® EJE-120 3-phase AC motor and high-output AC controller allow this walkie pallet truck to deliver quick acceleration and smooth directional changes.

Superior stability of both truck and load with optional ProTracLink stability casters.

Easy operation with the handle in the vertical position using the Crawl Speed button simplifies movement inside trailers and in confined spaces.

Simple pallet entry options supported by beveled fork tips to a 3º angle.

Optional cross-pallet entry supported by standard fork marks.

Fork tip wells for better visual while entering pallets.

Watch Customer Review

Look inside GAMA Foods and see how they experienced a 20% increase in productivity by adding the Jungheinrich EJE 120 walkie pallet truck to their warehouse.

Energy EfficienT

Equipped with an advanced AC motor with low energy consumption and regenerative braking, which recovers energy from plugging, braking and coasting and directs it back to the battery.

The Jungheinrich-exclusive short battery compartment allows for exceptional maneuverability while achieving extended run times due to Jungheinrich's innovative AC technology. Optional 30 amp integrated battery charger for maximum convenience.

Optional lithium-ion battery (110 Ah) - available on the EJE 120 model - offers fast charging times, no maintenance and a reduction in overall costs. View more information on the lithium-ion battery.

With the Auto Shut-Off function, the truck shuts down after 5 minutes of non-usage to further conserve energy.


"Smart" auto reverse button only operates when the truck is moving chassis first toward the operator.

Optional ProTracLink stability casters help protect fragile loads from tipping during tight turns.

Ramp rollback protection protects against unintended movements while operating on grades.

LOWER TOTAL Cost Of Ownership

  • These electric walkie pallet trucks' AC motors have no wearable components, like carbon brushes or contactors, to replace over time.
  • Sealed electrical components mean that dust and moisture cannot impact the truck’s performance.
  • Rolled steel provides flexibility and durability to withstand tough applications over time.
  • Automatic lift-cutout helps avoid burnout by cutting off the hydraulic motor when the forks reach max height.

BETTER Ergonomics

Unique lift/lower rocker switches allow operation with the handle in virtually any position.

Low-mounted tiller arm provides easier steer effort and keeps the operator a secure distance from the chassis.

"Smart" auto reverse button boosts operator confidence by protecting them against unintended contact.

Required steering forces reduced by 15.3%.