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Terminal Tractors and Car Movers now available throughout north & central Florida

Terminal tractors by shuttlewagon

Railcar movers are specialized vehicles designed to move railroad cars short distances within industrial facilities, railyards, and sidings. Industries where railcar movers are typically found include manufacturing (paper mills & food processing), warehousing and distribution (retail goods & building materials), energy and resources (coal & biomass), construction (aggregate, concrete & asphalt), intermodal transportation, and railyards.
Construction companies receiving large quantities of materials like steel, concrete, aggregate, or prefabricated elements via rail will use movers for efficient handling within the storage yard or project site.
Overall, terminal tractors or railcar movers play a crucial role in streamlining operations within industrial facilities and railyards by enabling efficient and safe movement of railcars for various purposes.

shuttlewagon mobile railcar movers
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Commander Series


Shuttlewagon's Commander Series offers single-couple rating up to 35,000lbs tractive effort.

Available Models:

Electric Series


Shuttlewagon offers the most complete electric series of terminal tractors in the industry, offering units with tractive effort from 3,600 lbs all the way up to 45,000 lbs.

Available Models:

  • SWXe-16 – Max Tow: 310 tons
  • SWXe-25 – Max Tow: 525 tons
  • SWXe-32 – Max Tow: 740 tons
  • SWXe-50 – Max Tow: 1,000 tons
  • SWXe-90 – Max Tow: 2,000 tons
  • SWXe-120 – Max Tow: 2,600 tons
  • SWXe-160 – Max Tow: 3,200 tons
  • Electric Navigator – Max Tow: 4,500 tons