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Truck-mounted forklifts, or piggyback forklfits, are a versatile and efficient material handling solution for the building construction industry. They offer the benefits of a traditional forklift with the added advantage of being mounted on a truck, allowing them to be easily transported to job sites and other off-road locations. Ring Power Lift Trucks is a provider of industry-leading Princeton Piggyback truck-mounted lifts across north and central Florida. You'll find a wide variety of models to choose from to meet your business needs. We sell and service from Jacksonville to Daytona, from Orlando to Sarasota and the Tampa Bay Area/St. Petersburg, and from Ocala to Tallahassee. Call or click today for a quote or to talk to an advisor.

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What are truck-mounted forklifts?

For construction material suppliers and builders seeking to optimize delivery efficiency, truck-mounted forklifts, also known as piggyback forklifts, offer a compelling solution. Unlike traditional forklifts, these specialized units mount directly onto the rear of a flatbed truck or trailer. This eliminates the need for separate delivery vehicles and forklifts, simplifying logistics and saving valuable time on the job site.

The key advantage of truck-mounted forklifts lies in their quick and easy dismounting capabilities. This allows for the same truck to deliver and unload building materials directly at the point of use, eliminating the need for extra equipment or additional personnel to handle offloading. This translates to a significant reduction in manpower requirements and overall delivery time. As a result, truck-mounted forklifts are rapidly becoming an industry standard for construction material delivery, promoting streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency.

Built Tough, Works Anywhere: Piggyback Forklifts for Construction Sites

Investing in a truck-mounted forklift or piggyback will have immediate and long-term benefits for your Florida business. They significantly speed up your distribution and delivery processes by eliminating the need for a separate unloading vehicle. The Result: A quicker turnaround and, ultimately, increased customer satisfaction.

They also require fewer personnel to operate, resulting in operational cost savings. A compact design means they can be brought directly to the job site, reducing the time and effort spent on multiple handling steps.

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What applications do piggyback forklifts perform best?

Piggyback forklifts, also known as truck-mounted forklifts, excel in applications that prioritize on-site delivery and unloading efficiency. Their ability to quickly detach from a truck or flatbed trailer allows for a single vehicle to handle both transportation and offloading of materials. This makes them ideal for construction sites, where bulky building supplies need to be delivered directly to their point of use, eliminating the need for separate delivery trucks and forklifts. They also shine in applications requiring reduced manpower, as their easy dismounting simplifies the offloading process.

Here are some of the most common building products delivered using this method:

Structural Components: Pre-fabricated wall panels, roof trusses, beams, and columns are often too large or heavy for standard box trucks. Flatbeds with piggyback forklifts can handle these efficiently.

Heavy Building Materials: Concrete blocks, pavers, bricks, and slabs all fall into this category. A truck-mounted forklift allows for unloading directly onto the worksite without needing additional equipment.

Lumber & Building Sheets: Large quantities of lumber, plywood, drywall, and other sheet goods can be stacked and secured on a flatbed trailer. The forklift then allows for easy unloading and maneuvering on-site.
Roofing Materials: Large bundles of shingles, metal roofing panels, and underlayment can be delivered and unloaded directly with this method.

Sod & Landscape Materials: Pallets of St. Augustine turf and sod, planting material, mulch, small trees and bushes are easily unloaded at the jobsite.
HVAC equipment: Large air conditioning units, ventilation systems, and other bulky HVAC equipment can be safely transported and unloaded with a piggyback forklift.
In short, any building product that is too large, heavy, or awkward for traditional delivery methods can benefit from the combined functionality of a flatbed trailer and a truck-mounted forklift. This allows for a streamlined delivery process, reducing time and manpower needed on the construction site.

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