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Electric Forklift Rentals At ring power lift trucks

We Rent Electric Forklifts in Florida

Ring Power Lift Trucks of Florida provides all the forklifts you and your company will ever need, from electric forklifts to forklift equipment rentals. We have a sales team that can help you pick out the best forklift for your facility. We offer the option to buy or rent a forklift. So, you can purchase one if you know it’s what you will need, but you can test one out by renting it if you have any hesitation. We also have an excellent maintenance team that can provide replacement parts and perform repairs on forklifts that need them.

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What Is an Electric Forklift?

You may be wondering what makes an electric forklift an electric forklift. The main thing that defines an electric forklift is that it runs off battery power instead of diesel, propane, or any other source of internal combustion. Ring Power Lift Trucks’ electric forklifts have batteries that also function as a counterweight, stabilizing the forklift while in operation. Electric forklifts do not need you to fill them up with fuel, and there are no tanks to replace. All you have to do is make sure to recharge the batteries at night, and you are good to go all day. For especially busy facilities, many forklifts come with batteries that are easy to replace. That way, you can keep your floor active without ever having to wait for a battery to recharge.

Benefits of Electric Forklift Truck Rental

Ring Power Lift Trucks’ electric forklifts have many benefits for you and your facility. Most importantly, electric forklift rentals are more cost-effective than forklifts with combustion engines. It is much more affordable to recharge a battery than refill a vehicle with gas or replace a propane tank. Since you do not need to worry about an engine, there is less engine noise. It’s comparable to the noise difference between an electric car and a gas guzzler. Also, the maintenance is much more straightforward since you do not need to repair an engine. On top of all that, it produces zero emissions. So, you can keep your team and the environment safe from unhealthy and polluting fumes.

Types of Electric Forklifts We Carry

Ring Power Lift Trucks carries different types of electric forklifts because each facility has unique requirements. We don't want any facility stuck with non-electric forklift truck rentals because of their unique situation. So, we carry an electric-style forklift no matter how narrow your aisles or how busy your warehouse. We have the following types of electric forklift rentals:

  • Electric Sit Down Trucks
  • Electric Narrow Aisle Stand Up Counter Balance Trucks
  • Electric Narrow Aisle Order Pickers
  • Electric Narrow Aisle Reach Trucks
  • Electric Pallet Jacks

Forklift Rental Services and Maintenance

Ring Power Lift Trucks also provides forklift rental services like preventative maintenance and repairs on electric forklifts. Nothing is worse than having a forklift breakdown in the middle of a busy day. When you need maintenance and repairs on a forklift, we can be there fast and get the job done right. We have 59 fully equipped forklift service vehicles that can be at your site before you know it. Our repairs are done at a reasonable price and according to the highest standards in the industry.

Why You Should Rent From Us

Ring Power Lift Trucks knows the electric forklift market after being in business for over 55 years. We give you a one-stop-shop for all your forklift-related needs. Whether you are looking for forklift truck rentals or forklift maintenance, our team has someone to take care of you. We know the importance of efficient forklifts to your business. You need to be able to haul and move freight safely, quickly, and in an organized fashion. We can help you do all that by providing you with forklifts that are immensely reliable and suit your facility.

Forklift Truck Rentals Across the Whole State

Ring Power Lift Trucks provides forklifts across the state of Florida. Whether you need a technician to perform repairs or a sales agent to help you find the right electric forklift for your facility, we have a team member nearby, ready to assist. We are most commonly known for serving:

Get in Contact with a Rental Representative Today

If your facility is moving freight less efficiently than you think it could, you may need to try out some of the new electric forklifts at Ring Power Lift Trucks. Our forklift truck rental service can help you figure out if a particular type of forklift is really as helpful to your team’s productivity as we claim. Then, once you see the benefits, we can also help you purchase that forklift and provide maintenance services throughout its lifetime. Call us directly or fill out an electric forklift contact form here to connect with a rental representative today.

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