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Ring Power Lift Trucks is Florida's trusted source for top-of-the-line machines that improve efficiency in nearly every application.

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We represent industry leading new forklift manufacturers in North & Central Florida, including Cat® Lift Trucks, Jungheinrich®, Mitsubishi Forklifts, Big Joe Forklifts and Kalmar industrial forklifts and container handlers.


Whether your business is warehousing using electric forklifts, manufacturing, transportation and distribution of industrial supplies, construction materials, retail commodities or food, print shops, and beverage and bottling, we have a forklift solution for your application. 


Jungheinrich® EJE Customer Review


Class I

Electric Motor   Counterbalance Trucks

Distribution - Manufacturing - F&B

  • Quieter than IC
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Llow maintenance costs
  • Variety of sizes for specific applications
  • Available with cushion or pneumatic tires
  • Compliant with strict air quality standards

Class II

Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks

Retail - Manufacturing - Distribution

  • Designed to optimize work in smaller spaces
  • Attachments for specific jobs
  • Improves efficiency and speed

ex) Order Pickers, Reach Trucks, Side Leaders, Stand Up Riders, Turret Trucks

Class III

Electric Hand or Hand/Rider Trucks

Retail - F&B - Distribution

  • Transport of materials that require low lifts
  • Short distance warehouse transportation
  • Known as an operator's "first assistant"
  • Available in walk behind or rider trucks

Class IV

Internal Combustion - Cushion Tires

Distribution - Manufacturing - Freight

  • Run on Diesel, Gasoline, LP Gas, or CNG
  • Useful both indoor and outdoor*
  • Often used to move materials from loading docks to warehouse

*assuming there are smooth, dry floors

Class V

Internal Combustion - Pneumatic Tires

Freight - Logistics - Manufacturing - Retail

  • Primarily for outdoor use
  • Most flexible class of forklifts
  • Specialty solid pneumatic tires available to reduce puncture risk
  • Run on Diesel, Gasoline, LP Gas or CNG

Class VI

Electric & Internal Combustion Tractors 

Airports - Automotive - Hospitals

  • More for pulling than lifting
  • Often referred to as "tuggers"
  • Available as IC or electric

Class VII

Rough Terrain and Truck-Mounted

Lumber Yards - Construction Sites

  • Heavy duty with tractor-like tires
  • Runs on diesel
  • Available in 2 or 4-wheel drive
  • Different masts available for variable reach


Very Narrow Aisle

Distribution - Manufacturing - F&B

  • Perfect for tight spaces
  • Multi directional
  • Available as Electric or IC
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